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Guide to Birds of North America is back in stock!

The new version was met with such enthusiasm that we ran out. Sorry about that! It's now back in stock and ready to ship. The software now comes on a flash drive for convenience. Or, you can download the software instantly on the Thayer website.
What's So Awesome About GBNA v7?

- 6,500 Photos
- 1,499 Songs
- 552 Videos
- Hundreds of Quizzes
- ID Wizard
- Range Maps

GBNA v7 is full-featured field guide for your computer. More rich content than any app on the market...which is why it remains a desktop/laptop program. Windows version is available now - Mac will be available in the spring.
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Its that time of year again!  Time for suet, heated bird baths...and new bird books! I bet you thought I was going to say something else. If you're feeding birds, suet is a great option to help birds keep up their energy stores to stay warm and keep moving. And birds still need water in the winter! If you've got a lot of freezing temperatures coming up, you might consider getting a heated bird bath - or a heater to add to your existing water source. No, you're not trying to give the birds a luxury spa're just helping ensure that the water they need isn't frozen into a block of ice!

And if you need to be indoors a bit, you can still learn your birds - or learn about bird photography! Check out our new book additions below.

Stokes New Pocket Guide

Good things really do come in small packages! Pocket-size, brilliantly colorful, and easy to use, The Stokes Essential Pocket Guide to the Birds of North America contains everything you need to identify and enjoy birds in your backyard and beyond. It offers more than 580 stunning color photographs, coverage of more than 250 species, key identification clues, descriptions of songs and calls, notes on feeding and nesting behavior, advice on selecting bird feeders and binoculars, important behavioral information and key habitat preferences, and up-to-date range maps.
Keep the Kids Busy - World of Birds

The National Wildlife Federation's World of Birds introduces kids ages 7 through 12 to more than 120 different species of birds in their native environments, with detailed illustrations and exciting, memorable information from the experts at the National Wildlife Federation. Each bird is featured on colorful, illustrated, information-packed pages, which include details on its size, shape, color, and markings, as well as its habitat, call, and behavior. The excellent illustrations, nontechnical language, and fascinating facts throughout make this an ideal guide for beginner bird-watchers-of any age!


Backyard Bird Photography


Fans of bird watching will rejoice with Backyard Bird Photography, a guide for learning how to set up your backyard in order to take the best photographs of your local birds. In addition to guiding you through the first steps of setting up your plantings and bird feeders, this book describes the types of photographic equipment you will need to get just the right image; how to maneuver yourself into just the right position to create a quality bird photograph; how to compose your shots for the greatest visual effect; and how to use more advanced techniques such as macro lenses and external flash techniques. With tips for gaining the bird's trust and composition, every photograph will come out a stunner.


Every little bit helps when it comes to helping out local birds in cold weather, weather it's food, water, or shelter. Do what you can - and you'll be rewarded with a flurry of bird activity to enjoy...from inside your own cozy home, perhaps!

Pete and Kara


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