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Water That Wiggles!
                                                  Birds are attracted to moving water, so try adding a water wiggler to bring more thirsty birds to your yard! You can buy a bath and "wiggler" together, or just buy just the battery-operated device alone, to irresistibly ripple the water in your existing birdbath. Bonus - the movement also helps keep mosquitos from breeding in the water.

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Do birds celebrate Halloween? Not exactly, but fall plumage can certainly seem like a disguise, making some identification quite tricky! And as you enjoy flighty visitors passing through your yard, you might want to provide them a few treats. If you've thought of making your own bird feeder - or birdhouse - for your feathered friends, check out the brand new DIY birdhouse and feeder guide we've added this month. See below for more books that have migrated into our shop this October.
You don't need fancy tools or extensive experience to create and enjoy any of the 30 houses and feeders included in this book. Written by longtime expert Michael Berger, whose trusty mix of birding and handyman knowledge is backed by the reputation of BirdWatcher's Digest magazine, the plans included feature friendly, complete illustrations and cutting lists, along with assembly instructions and helpful tips and photos.

Roadrunners are known from cartoons. Ravens are known to poetry lovers. Eagles are known as figures in ancient mythology and as modern national symbols. Birds have fascinated people throughout history. This captivating collection of 99 essays offers a well-researched but easy-to-read look at birds as familiar as the sparrow and as seldom-seen as the albatross, from dancing varieties (crane) to sacred ones (ibis) to those associated with practical jokes and assassinations (snipe). A great gift for the bird enthusiast in your life! Or maybe that's YOU?
Essential, comprehensive, and easy to use, the revised edition of National Geographic Complete Birds of North America is an astonishing resource that covers every bird species found in North America, as well as all the seasonal visitors. Providing full information on more than 1,000 species, this book features hundreds of range and migration maps, cutting-edge information on identification, and more than 4000 annotated illustrations by expert bird artists.
New in World Birds:

We hope you take some time to get out and treat YOURSELF to some fresh air this fall!

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