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July 2014
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Over the years, this has been our best-selling feeder. We now offer quantity pricing, so the more you buy, the more you save! Buy 3 or more to save almost $5 per feeder...AND enjoy less fighting among territorial, hungry birds.

Hummzinger Ultra
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Are you in hummingbird heaven this summer? Since many of you enjoy feeding hummingbirds already, or would like to start, we decided now is the perfect time to add some new hummingbird feeders to our store. And to help introduce them, we're hosting a
photo contest where you can win one! See below for details.
Although we have some great choices in the store already, we love the Dr. JB's Clean Feeders for their "switchable sizing" design. You can get multiple bottles in different sizes for the same base and easily change out the quantity of nectar available as needed. Aside from the adjustable size, the bottles have a wide jar-style opening, making them easy to fill and clean. The base pops apart into two pieces, for more ease of cleaning, and all parts are dishwasher safe.
We have multiple sizes of full feeder setups with base, plus the individual bottles in 32oz, 48oz and 80oz. Buy a feeder and a few different bottles, and you're set to feed more efficiently all season long!
Photo Contest!

If you love these new feeders, how about the chance to win one for FREE? We're having a photo contest on Facebook. Post your favorite hummingbird photo to our page, and we'll share it to our wall. The photo with the most likes by the end of the month will win a Dr. JB's 32oz feeder! Don't forget to make your photo public in the photo post settings, so everyone can see it. Be sure to "like" our page to follow the contest!
Photo by Jeff Jones courtesy of Thayer Birding Software
Posting your photo as part of this contest means you consent to our use of the photo outside of the contest on our Facebook page, our website, or our newsletter...your name will be credited if/when we use it outside of your original post entry on Facebook. We will announce the winner on Facebook and in our next newsletter. In the event of a tie, we may decide the winner by an in-house vote. Anyone can enter - so tell your friends....or just tell them to vote for you! 
We hope you'll join our contest fun - see you on Facebook!

Pete and Kara


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