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April Means Orioles at!
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April is the perfect time to be thinking ORIOLES! And we're not talking sports, folks. We've added a few new oriole feeders to the store this month, so you can bring more of these colorful birds to your yard. Orioles like fruit, jelly and nectar. You can offer one food type or all three! You can even offer all three together with the new Ultimate Oriole Feeder! See below for our new fruit, jelly, and nectar additions.

Oriole Feeders
Check out our new feeders - they're on sale now!

The Ultimate Oriole Feeder is an all-in-one oriole power feeder! Feed nectar, jelly and fruit in one feeding station. The bright orange feeder color helps attract more birds. A built-in ant moat helps keep ants away from the tasty treats. Holds a quart of nectar! $20.99


A more subtle combo feeder option is the Copper Fruit and Jelly Feeder. The simple design is both stylish and functional. The feeder holds one jelly bowl securely and two spikes hold fresh fruit for your feathered friends. the included orange jelly bowl gives a little splash of color, and is easy to remove for filling or cleaning. $39.99


You can keep it super simple and economical with the Copper Double Fruit Feeder. A stylish step up from nailing fruit to your deck or trees, but won't bust your budget. Use it for apples, oranges, or anything else you can skewer! Great for more than just orioles. $18.99                                                  

Oriole Nectar
This 16 oz of nectar concentrate from First Nature makes 80 ounces of nectar! Just add water and you're ready to feed. A simple way to make a tasty treat for your nectar feeder. Check out our oriole section for other options, like ready-made nectar.
Remember - lots of birds love fruit! You can attract a variety of birds to your yard by offering fresh fruit, not just orioles. Have fun with it and see who you can bring to your yard!



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