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Great Backyard Bird Count
Starts Now!
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society want to know which birds you are seeing in your yard!

Once a year they ask folks to record their bird sightings. We think this is a great idea! I know I participate every year, and you should too.

Simply go out birding within the next four days and record your sightings. Then post your totals at www.BirdCount.org

About 34 million birds and 4,258 species were recorded last year!
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5,000 Free Bird Quizzes !!

Big news from WildBirds and Thayer Birding Software !


We are extremely excited about a fantastic new project that will put thousands of free bird quizzes on the Internet! This is a joint venture between WildBirds.com and Thayer Birding Software.
We hope to have 5,000 quizzes and 50,000 photos on-line within 5 years. But we need your help to make this happen!
We prepared a series of web pages at WildBirds.com to show you what is happening. Just click the Quizzes Tab on that web site to see all the details.
Three Types of Quizzes
The new Online Bird Quizzes will let you take three different types of quizzes.
You can select a Multiple Choice Quiz - you see a photo and then pick the bird's name from five different answers.


You can select a Pick One Quiz - you see a bird's name and four different photos. Click on the correct photo.


You can select a Flash Card Quiz - you see a new bird photo every eight seconds. You have five seconds to guess the bird's name before we show you the correct answer.


5,000 Quizzes
You will be able to select from thousands of quizzes. There will be quizzes on Birding Hot Spots, Bird Families, Christmas Bird Counts, and even Fun Quizzes.
World birds will be available as well. You can select any Continent and then look at the quizzes for that part of the world. Imagine being able to quiz yourself before heading off on an exotic birding trip to Costa Rica, Kenya or Australia!
After selecting a Quiz you will be able to set the Quiz difficulty level to Easy, Intermediate or Hard. When you select "Hard" your quiz will include all birds. Selecting "Easy" will throw out birds that are very difficult for beginning birders to identify. We want these quizzes to be fun for six-year olds as well as experienced world birders! 
We Need Your Help!
There are many ways you can help us with this project. [PLEASE click the first link - Wikimedia is my new favorite thing in the entire world!!!]

Great Backyard Bird Count
February 14 - 17th
Now is the time!
Visit www.BirdCount.org for all the details

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