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May, 2013


Spring migration is in full swing this week! 
What better time to get out and enjoy the birds than RIGHT NOW!!  Watch for Warblers in breeding plumage. See if you can spot a Rose-breasted Grosbeak or a Western Tanager.


WildBirds.com has just updated our main web page to show you some of the best birding spots in the US and Canada. If you live in the midwest you may want to check out "The Biggest Week in American Birding" with events running from May 3 through May 12th in northern Ohio. Our friend Kenn Kaufman will be one of the keynote speakers.



294 Species in One Day!!! 
  Cornell's Team Sapsucker Shatters Record

Team Sapsucker  

Team Sapsucker. From left to right, Marshall Iliff (eBird Project Leader), Tim Lenz (eBird programmer), Jessie Barry (Merlin Project Leader), Chris Wood (eBird Project Leader), Brian Sullivan (eBird Project Leader), and Andy Farnsworth (BirdCast Project Leader).


Are you kidding me!! That is all I could say when I heard about their "Big Day" in Texas on April 25, 2013. 


The team from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology had the perfect day of birding. Read all about their amazing feat as they helped raise funds to support bird conservation around the world.


Attract More Backyard Birds
Here Are 10 Tips from WildBirds.com....


1. Build a birdhouse to provide a safe and secure nesting spot. Make it practical, not fancy.


2. Attract Hummingbirds with feeders and flowers.


3. Provide a water drip. Birds love water and a shallow place to bathe. Let your garden hose slowly drip into the top of a garbage can, for example. 


4. Put out thistle (nyger seed) feeders for the Goldfinches.


5. Cut an orange in half and hang it outside to attract Orioles.


6. Protect the birds from your windows. They can fly into glass and hurt themselves. Try using window stickers - especially during nesting season.


7. Leave a pile of brush in a corner of your yard to give birds a place to hide when the Hawk flys over!


8. Feeders with sunflower seeds will attract a huge variety of songbirds... or ask your local Wild Bird store which seeds will work best in your area. They know!


9. Experiment a bit - put out suet cakes for the Woodpeckers or live mealworms for the Bluebirds.


10. What good is it if you can't see all the birds in your yard? Keep a binocular near the kitchen window so you are always prepared.



Binoculars for Birders


web protector  
Window "Warning Web"


   Birdhouse Book    
Build Birdhouses


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