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December, 2012

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  Gold edition v5.5
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Dear ,

Happy Holidays! We have been as busy as elves here at Thayer Birding Software during the past few months.
First, we redesigned our web pages so things are easier to find and each page pops up almost instantly. If you have not visited www.ThayerBirding.com in a while, check it out!
Second, the annual changes to the bird taxonomic lists were released by scientists at the American Ornithologists' Union a few months ago. All these changes are available to you with the free download (for version 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5 - see instructions below.) The scientists changed the name of Common Moorhen to Common Gallinule and moved the Falcons far away from the Hawks and Eagles!?!
Third, we continue to have fun with our new Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/ThayerBirdingSoftware) We have been posting interesting (or strange) bird-related articles we find. Once in a while Petey the Parrot has a Tip for users of our software. We also let you know about upcoming free updates and more!
Finally, we decided to ask folks "Are You a Birder?" See the very interesting results of our Survey 











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Do You Have The Latest Version?

Just a reminder -  free updates for our current versions, version 4.x and version 5.x (Gold edition) were released in September.
If you have not yet installed these, just open your Thayer Birding program and click on Check For Updates. (You will need to do this TWICE. The first update takes about a minute to download and install while the second may take up to ten minutes.)


After downloading and installing the free updates you will be running version 4.5.1 or version 5.5.1. 


Here are step-by-step instructions for this download.


Here is a list of all past updates for our software.

If you have older versions (version 3.9.8 or earlier), these free updates are not applicable to you. But you can get the latest version of our software at www.OnlineNatureMall.com

During checkout be sure to enter the promotional code LOYAL to get the 10% loyal-customer discount.
For even more information on our software, birding news, tips, and more, Like us on Facebook.  

Question or comments... Email us at



Pete Thayer, President
Thayer Birding Software