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I just returned from a six week birding trip to Australia where I saw over 450 different species! When I returned I was very excited to see so many new books waiting for me. We added 40 new items to the store this week. See our favorites below.

Holiday shopping is easy when we deliver everything to your doorstep. Visit the Online Nature Mall for over 8,000 items including bird feeders, field guides, binoculars, computer software, kid's toys, note cards and much more. We can help YOU become the local bird expert!

You can read about my six week birding adventure in Australia and see photos at:

Good Birding,  Pete Thayer


New Items For Nature Lovers!
Recent Arrivals
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Angry Bird
Angry Birds
Find out what happens when real birds stop being nice . . . and start getting angry!

This hilariously eye-popping book showcases real-world angry birds and 50 fantastic stories peppered with tips to avoid them, as well as fascinating facts about angry bird behavior. In addition to the funny and light-hearted real-life angry bird stories, National Geographic Angry Birds will tell, for the first time ever, the story of the Angry Birds we all know and love from the hit game.

List Price: $13.95
Our Price: $12.56
Published: September 2012
Nature of New England
If you have to take one book along when you go out for a walk in New England, this is it. This guide will help identify a cool-looking mushroom, a weird insect crawling on a log, a delicate wildflower, and an intricate shell on the beach. Birds, mammals, trees, wildflowers, insects, reptiles, amphibians, sky, fishes, spiders, mushrooms, ferns, and sea shells-it's all here.

List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $18 00
Published: October 2012
Birds of So CA
Birds of Southern California
Birds of Southern California is a pocket-sized 506 page photographic guide for the birds that reside in or visit the lower half of California, an area of approximately 56,000 square miles.
The Species pages provide color photographs of the 350 local birds and have a companion page with key information about each bird including: description, voice, behavior, similar birds, and where and when to find this bird.

List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $17.96
Published: September 2012
Bird-Watcher's Bible
Bird Watcher's Bible

A lighthearted and broadly cultural and visual approach to learning everything there is to know about birds, bird-watching, birds in history and the arts, and life on the wing. Short narrative pieces are interspersed with sidebars, quotes, top-ten lists, and how-to instructions. Illustrated with photographs, contemporary and archival art, maps, and diagrams.

List Price: $40.00
Our Price: $36.00
Published: October 2012
Eastern Tree Guide
Written and illustrated by David Allen Sibley, America's most widely respected bird-and now tree-illustrator.
* Includes 45 of the most common trees found in the cities and towns of the Northeast and Upper Midwest region. The range includes the following US states: ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, MI, WI, MN, ND, and SD, as well as the following Canadian provinces: Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba.
* Handy fold-out format. Perfect for backpack, glove compartment, or kitchen table
* Indestructible waterproof lamination

List Price: $7.95
Our Price: $7.16
Published: August 2012
Bird Bingo
Bird Bingo Game
Bird Bingo brings a fun and educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and look of both their favorite species and weird and wonderful exotic birds.
This beautifully illustrated bingo game features 64 species of birds from around the world. Spot all kinds of birds-from the robin to the puffin and the kookaburra to the splendid fairywren-mark them off on your card and . . . bingo!

List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $26.96
Published: September 2012
Birds of Central Asia
Birds of Central Asia
Central Asia-a vast and remote area of steppe, semi-desert, and mountains separating Europe from eastern Asia-is home to a diversity of birds. Birds of Central Asia is the first-ever field guide to the avian population of this fascinating part of the world. From ground jays, larks, and raptors to warblers, nuthatches, and snowfinches, this comprehensive guide covers 627 species.

List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $35.96
Published: October 2012
Woodpecker Note Cards
Woodpecker Note Cards
* Box includes 8 assorted cards and matching envelopes

* Cards measure 3.5" x 5"

* Printed on recycled and recyclable paper

* Packaged in high quality plastic box

* Artist: Roger Tory Peterson


List Price: $8.95
Our Price: $8.06
Published: September 2012
Appalachian Trail
The Appalachian Trail


The Appalachian Trail explores this legendary footpath in detail: with a foreword by Bill Bryson and filled with more than 300 spectacular contemporary images, as well as unpublished historical photos, documents, and maps. Readers can plan their own hike using the removable and full-size copy of the official National Park Service's map of the entire Appalachian Trail included inside each book.


List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $45.00
Published: September 2012
Birds of North America
10 Birds of North America
Thayer Birding Software and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have joined forces to create the ultimate DVD for birders. Thayer's Birds of North America version 4.5 features the 753 bird species seen in the U.S. or Canada. For Windows and Mac computers. Order 10 DVDs and pay for 6!

A wonderful gift and a great fund-raiser for your Bird Club, Nature Center or Audubon Chapter. Also ideal for classrooms, State Wildlife Organizations or anyone that needs to make everyone in the group a birding expert! 


List Price: $799.50
Our Price: $479.70
Plush Birds
Singing Plush Birds

WOW!! What an amazing present for grandkids. nieces or nephews!

Hug these soft, fuzzy birds and they sing!! 

Twelve different singing plush toy birds. Your grandkids will be overwhelmed -- and they will probably learn the bird calls for all twelve of their new friends!


List Price: $143.88
Our Price: $78.00
Vortex Talon
Vortex Talon 10x42 HD
Once you clasp your hands on the Vortex 10x42 Talon HD binocular, you won't ever let go. Designed with the ever-popular open-hinge design, the rubber armoring enhances the secure feel of the Talon. The internal quality completes the package with HD extra-low dispersion glass, XR anti-reflective coatings, and fully multi-coated lenses to deliver impressive views with the color, details, and brightness you crave. Protected with waterproofing, fogproofing, and the Vortex VIP warranty, the Talon HD will perform for generations.

List Price: $579.00
Our Price: $479.99