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February 19, 2013 - In This Issue:
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Get your Facebook page buzzing by using these tactics

     If you're like most busy nonprofit professionals, you make your best effort to have an organized content strategy on Facebook. Still, there are times when you get buried with other projects and simply have no idea what to post on your Facebook page.


     Here are 19 quick Facebook page post ideas that you can use right now to get your page buzzing.

  1. Ask a fill-in-the-blank question about the specific area of your cause. Begin the prompt with "Fill in the Blank:"
  2. Ask a multiple-choice question related to a specific area of your cause. Begin the update with "Quick Poll" and then write the choices on separate lines (A, B, C).
  3. Cap that! Ask fans to caption a photo. Post an unusual photo (that has to do with your cause) and ask your Facebook fans to come up with a caption. Tell them that the best answer wins an Einstein award.
  4. Play the elephant game. Crop a small section from a photo, post it on your page and ask fans to guess what it is. For example, a dog shelter can post a picture of the dogs ear and ask fans to guess what breed the dog it is.
  5. Let Google Analytics help you. Post a picture from your one of your top viewed Web pages and post it with a comment or excerpt from the article.
  6. Let aliens abduct your page. The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta did a show that involved a tiny alien. In December they dressed it up as Santa and shared it on their page.
  7. Isn't that Pinteresting? Post a picture from one of your Pinterest boards that's received the most repins. For inspiration, see what Survival for Blondes does.
  8. Play and edge. Ask a question about a topic where people have strong opinions one way or the other. For example, "Yes or No: Do you think we should ban assault rifles in the United States?
  9. Supporter love. Post a picture of one of your top volunteers in action and share something really great that he or she did recently
  10. Let locals know that you care. If you notice a news article about a tragedy in a specific city, target an update to that location letting those fans know that your organization cares.
  11. Post a fun fact related to your cause. "Did you know that...?"
  12. Share a post from George Takei's page. You won't go wrong there, unless your organization leans more conservative.
  13. What the FAQ? Post the answer to the most common question you get asked at events.
  14. Ask your supporters for ideas. If you have an event coming up, ask your Facebook fans what they'd like to see to make it memorable, different and amazing.
  15. Share your work life. Snap a quick picture of a peculiar item in your office and share it on Facebook with a comment. Or take a picture of staff doing cool and interesting things.
  16. Share a post from a partner page. Your sponsors spend a lot of resources to support your nonprofit. Make a point of regularly promoting their agenda to your fans.
  17. Try conditional sharing. Post a compelling photo related your cause and ask people to share if they've been affected by the same issue.
  18. Learn from the best. Post a similar updates to one of the top ones from your competitors.
  19. Steal success. Oscar Wilde said, "talent borrows, genius steals." An example Jeremy from The Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association shared is the someecards ecards site. If you see one that is already getting a ton of likes and shares, go ahead and post it as your own (with proper credit).

 This article is from the Social Brite website.     

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The 25-hour day
Tim with dogLike you, I have on many occasions, wished for more time in my day so that I could accomplish more.  There have been days when I thought if there were 25-hours in the day I could accomplish so much more.  Sadly though, if there were 25 hours in a day, we'd probably wish for a 26-hour day.
The fact is that we all have a 24-hour day and it is incumbent upon us to play to our strengths and seek those out who can play to our "opportunities" (dare I write "weakness"?) 
I mention this for two reasons.  First, most people get into animal welfare because they love pets and they want to make a difference for pets.  The love and care of the pets come first - and I get that - yet without money,  the ability to care for pets is seriously hampered.  Second, and seemingly somewhat selfish, my company specializes in getting the money for animal groups so that those who love pets can continue caring for pets while we focus on getting the money to allow your group to continue doing that.  (In fact, probably as you  read this, I am on a plane traveling to Tupelo, MS where I am helping a humane society identify millions of dollars for their proposed new animal shelter.)
For those with time constraint issues, this particular issue features two services that may be of interest to you - our guaranteed on-line fundraising system and our upcoming workshops.
Happy reading an I'll report in the next issue about my trip to Tupelo.
-Tim Crum
Guaranteed On-line Fundraising Program
online fundraising    



For years, animal welfare groups have sought us out for our expertise and knowledge about our successful online fundraising campaigns. Now we have packaged an entire year's worth of our most successful online fundraising campaigns for you to purchase. And the cost is so affordable. As little as $100/month (when you pre-pay for the entire year).




STEP 1: Each month, you will receive an e-mail from Animal Shelter Fundraising with your complete online fundraising campaign material for that month in its finished format. (Text, graphics, photos and illustrations). You will be provided with a actual sample of that month's campaign so that you can see how it looks. You will also receive all the text, graphics, photos and illustrations for the campaign.


STEP 2: Simply copy and paste all the campaign material into your own e-mail along with your donate buttons.


STEP 3: Schedule your e-mail for distribution.


STEP 4: Sit back and watch as the donations come in.


This is a non-refundable program and results not guaranteed. 
March 22 : Seattle, WA
April 6: Raleigh, NC
April 27 : Albuquerque, NM
We are offering our highly-rated and nationally acclaimed fundrasing workshops in Seattle, Raleigh and Albuquerque.    Don't miss this opportunity to learn fundraising tips from an animal welfare fundraising expert.

Our one-day workshop provides hands-on instruction, tips and techniques in the creation and design of fundraising campaigns that attendees can implement for their own organization. Our workshops are based on actual campaigns!


We'll cover fundraising campaigns for:

  • direct mail
  • e-appeals
  • events
  • donor cultivation & solicitation
  • acknowledgements

For more information, or to register, visit:

Tim Crum speaks at a national conference
Tim Crum addresses ove 250 individuals in a workshop at the Best Friends National Conference in Las Vegas.


Be Vigilant Against These Sins Because They Can Drag Your Fundraising Program Down


  1. Lust. You don't want a relationship with your donors. You just lust after their money. You always try to leap past the relational stuff and get that gift. This, of course, usually leads to weak, temporary, and unsatisfying relationships.
  2. Gluttony. You need a never-ending stream of new donors. You don't pay attention to their connection to your cause or their long-term value. You choose low-value, non-nutritious donors, because they are calories down your gullet rather than seek the more involved, more valuable donors who can really power healthy long-term growth.
  3. Greed. You refuse to share the joy with your donors. You just take their money and run, instead of telling them what they made possible. This means your donors tend not to stick around very long. Why should they? They can't tell their gifts matter.
  4. Sloth. You're lazily repeating what you've always done before. You haven't been keeping up with changes to your donors' behavior or the rise of new tools. Never stop testing, and never close your eyes to changes in the landscape. When you stop paying attention, you can be suddenly engulfed by changes that take you completely by surprise.
  5. Wrath. When a campaign fails or donor retention slips, you blame it on your donors. You get mad at them and their unpredictable ways. This keeps you from looking into the real causes of campaign failure. It's always your fault; never their fault. Most problems are fixable -- if you realize the problem originates with you, not outside of you.
  6. Envy. You think someone else has the answer you need. You're always seeking the Next Big Thing because you have a nagging fear that you're missing the magic. Sorry, but the real thing you're missing is doing your job by sticking to the basics.
  7. Pride. You think fundraising is all about how wonderful your organization is. Your fundraising is a litany of your successes, superior methodologies, and super-human staff. That's boring for donors, and it's not why they give. They give because they are the heroes. Be proud of them, and proud that you're associated with them.


Posted by Jeff Brooks on 30 January 2013 at Future Fundraising Now website

Looking for a motivational speaker for your next conference
TIM CRUM  is one of the country's premier experts on animal shelter fundraising. He has 27-years experience in non-profit fundraising and has spent the last 17 years as a highly successful and accomplished senior-level executive for some of the country's largest animal welfare groups. Tim is the founder and CEO of Animal Shelter Fundraising and has consulted with over 50 animal groups in the past four years to help them achieve fundraising, marketing and operational success. He is often called upon to speak at national and regional conferences and will be seen and heard at the Texas Unites for Animals Conference in Austin, TX on March 16 & 17, as well as at the Virginia Federated Humane Societies Conference in Virginia Beach on April 5.
Tim Crum - Engaging and Dynamic Fundraising / Motivational Speaker
Tim Crum - Engaging and Dynamic Fundraising / Motivational Speaker

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