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January 10, 2013 - In This Issue:
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As a full-service fundraising company, we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most pressing funding and marketing needs.  Our services are designed specifically to help animal shelters, SPCAs, and rescue groups
 small to large.  Utilizing decades of fundraising experience and animal welfare industry expertise, Animal Shelter Fundraising goes above-and-beyond to help your organization create innovative but results driven fundraising campaigns that raise more money!  
Animal Shelter Fundraising today.
"We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that meets their fundraising and marketing needs.   As the ONLY company specializing in fundraising for animal groups, we are truly the most qualified company to help you."

The Seven Principles
of Writing Effective Fundraising Mail


#1 - Write for Your Readers, Not Your High School English Teacher


#2 - Let Your Letter be as Long as it Needs to Be


#3 - Appeal to Your Reader's Emotions


#4 - Build to a Crescendo


#5 - Make a Concrete Ask


#6 - Edit Your Letters at Least Twice


#7 - Use "You" A Lot


Condensed version of full article published by The Fundraising Authority in a January 9, 2013 e-mail

In 2013 this will happen...
Tim Crum with Tess     My new smart phone has been a real conversation starter everywhere I go.  It's the new LG Intuiton which has a 5" display screen, which always seem to get the same response, "Wow, that's a big phone!"  It's true, the screen is quite large, but it's because, as a 40-something-year-old, my eyes can no longer focus on small text.  My new phone with large display area has been a game changer and I can once again read what's on my phone.
This is relevant for this issue because for the first time since the advent of the Internet...... (see 2013 Brings article below)
Affordable Program Saves Time and Raises Lots of Money
online fundraising  

     We took our most successful on-line fundraising campaigns and packaged them together to create a turn key program. This turn key program is both affordable and easy to use! Simply purchase the program - 12-campaigns (one per month)  - then each month you will receive the appeal (written and designed) along with "how to" instructions. All you do is copy and paste the campaign material into an e-mail using your online marketing provider, schedule it for distribution on the designated date, then sit back and add up the donations.

     One of our most recent client-partners, Paw Parent in California, received a $5,000 donation from the November 2012 appeal purchased as part of this program.
     WHY WAIT?  Is your organization doing SO well that it can afford not to raise money or receive a $5,000 gift like Paw Parent?
     ONLY $1,800 for an entire year's worth of on-line fundraising campaigns (one per month for 12-months plus an emergency appeal)
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2013 BRINGS...
In 2013, for the first time since the advent of the Internet, it is expected that more people will acess the Internet from their smart phone than from their computer or laptop.  On average, people check their smart phone 34 time
 sper day.  So what could this possibly have to do with the size of your smart phone, like the one I mentioned above?
It means more people will look at your website from their smart phone.  Is your website optimized for a smart phone?  How does the donate now button appear?  Is it easy to find? Is it easy to donate?  How does your website, overall, appear on a smart phone?   
Today is the day to check your organization's website with both a Droid smartphone and an iPhone.  Optimize your website today before you get left behind and miss out on thousands of dollars in donations.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your next conference
Want a dynamic and engaging speaker to train your staff and board? 
Tim Crum_TIM CRUM is the answer.

Tim Crum is a highly creative, enthusiastic and driven individual who has 25-years experience as an extremely successful non-profit fundraiser, marketer and executive manager.  

Tim is regularly called upon to speak at national and regional conferences.  In addition, he is the founder and lead presenter for the School of Fundraising, speaking and training thousands of professionals every year.

Audiences value Tim's knowledge and experience while taking delight in his enthusiasm and quick wit.


Tim recently gave a half-day workshop at the Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare (Annual) Conference in Troy, MI and here is what some of the attendees had to say about the workshop:



"This workshop alone was worth the price of admission!" , "Very good presentation" , "Very informative" , "Loved their motivation", "A lot of good ideas!" , "Excellent!!" , "Took more notes than I've ever taken at a conference!" , "Great!" , "Lots of valuable information." , "Very good seminar, well presented." , "Very well done!"


Monica Celizic, Chief of Staff at the Michigan Humane Society had this to say, "All of the oral feedback that we received was VERY positive and we definitely are very happy that you were able to make the trip up here!"


On a five-scale system (five being the highest), MPAW conference attendees rated Tim:

4.9 Knowledge of subject

4.8 Presentation Skills

4.8 Visual Aids

4.8 Overall


Tim Crum speaks at the MPAW Conference in Troy, MI
Tim Crum Speaks at the MPAW Conference in Troy, MI.