Innovia Newsletter, February 2016
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Data Data Everywhere
By James Strack

How do you find your way through all of the data being collected? In this era of ERP and large data storage, we collect an impressive amount of data from a variety of sources. The question really is how to sort through all of that data to find meaningful and important information.  Read More

Sway this Way
By Bradley Franz

I use online apps and services extensively - I value not having to worry about installing software, not worrying about software versions, and getting my work done via web apps. I take pride in rarely launching the Outlook desktop client (or other MS Office apps) even though I use Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. extensively each day!  Read More

Transportation Management for NAV 2009 - 2016
By John Riske, Next Generation Logistics

EXCITING NEWS!!!! Transportation Management for NAV 2009 - 2016
Next Generation Logistics, Inc., a Microsoft ISV and provider of Dynamics TMSŪ transportation management solution, now empowers NAV users with complete transportation management functionality for NAV. Many shippers have had to rely on manual spreadsheets and or disparate systems to keep track of their logistics transactions. Read More

Shiny New Gadget of the Month

People sometimes form very strong bonds to inanimate objects. This is especially the case when you come into daily contact with, say, a red Swingline stapler. The ultimate utilitarian desktop accessory. Its vibrant red color stands out amongst the grays and beiges that consume office space.

Learn More about it here
Quick Quiz
This Month's Question
What is Microsoft Sway?

a. The newest dance video game
b. Basically, a web-based PowerPoint
c. A photo editing app

Submit your answer to A winner will be drawn from the correct responses to win a Shiny New Gadget. 
Last Months Answer
Which of the following is one of the 3 top criteria for successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV apps?

a. Intuitive User Interface
b. Visually Dynamic Graphics
c. Futuristic Sound Effects
d. None of the above

Answer: a. Intuitive User Interface

Congratulations go to: Karen Hippen, Mid-States Distributing, who won the Darth Vader Helmet USB Car Charger.