Innovia Newsletter, November 2015

Something I strive for personally, and encourage our team to strive for as well, is to reflect on just how blessed we are, and to be thankful. Thanksgiving is a great reminder - I encourage everyone reading this to take some personal time for that same reflection. On behalf of everyone at Innovia, we want to express our appreciation to our customers : we are grateful for you, for our relationship, and for the trust you place in us. To our partners: thank you for all the time and effort invested in our mutual relationship and success. And to all the Innovia staff: thank you for believing in our mission and values, and embracing them to guide your actions with customers and teammates.

Warmest wishes to everyone for a thankful, peaceful, and abundant Thanksgiving!

Mark Christe, CEO
Innovia Consulting

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December 29 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 amWould Your Company Pass a Licensing Audit?

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Recent Blog Posts:

Getting closer to the customer is no longer a retail-centric sales strategy. More manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers are starting to sell direct to consumers (D2C). Motivations vary: brand awareness, customer loyalty, even product innovation. But for the most part, B2B sellers are simply looking to give consumers what they want - the ability to buy products directly from the source. Many are already doing it. A June 2015 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey found that 70% of U.S. consumers already purchase directly from manufacturers.  Read More

As many of us have noticed, Project Management is growing at a rapid rate and being utilized by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Many may wonder, why is such a field is growing at such an exponential rate? What is the purpose of Project Management? Is Project Management important for my business? Many of us do not realize that Project Management is in many areas of our lives. Whether it is making our bed or building a road, we all use Project Management every day and it comes in many forms. From initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, resourcing, and closing out of a project, Project Management provides the framework to help accomplish the goals and objectives needed for a successful project. Read More

Turkey and taxes. The U.S. has a long history of both. And in 2010, the two converged in Virginia as part of an annual Thanksgiving tradition where tribal and state leaders pay homage to a more than 330-year-old treaty: then-governor Bob McDonnell was presented with a turkey (and two deer) by tribal chiefs in lieu of taxes. Unfortunately, paying taxes in trade doesn't work for most of us. Depending on where and how you celebrate this year, your Thanksgiving feast could be served up with a side of sales tax. Read More

That time of year is almost upon us again for Holiday celebrating. A wonderful time of year to be sure but a time that can be made even more enjoyable if you know which wines to pick out for that Thanksgiving dinner or to give as a gift for Christmas or Hanukkah! Read More

Shiny New Gadget of the Month

Put your paws in these paws and prepare to be warmified. Complete with black claws, these Yeti USB Heated Plush Handwarmers will get your mitts warm again. Just run the cable from the handwarmers to your laptop (or any USB-enabled device that can handle 5V), and you'll have toasty fingers in minutes. Need to make a run to the fridge? Just unplug and the Yeti handwarmers will keep your fingers warm just like normal mittens do until you plug back in. 

Learn More about it here
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a. Ensure that resourcing is allocated across departments
b. Ensure that the project stays true to the timeline
c. Ensure that the project stays true to budget goals
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