Innovia Newsletter, October 2015

Welcome to Innovia Consulting!  For those wondering, we have the same dedicated team focused on taking care of others, we simply knew our previous name served its purpose and it was time for a change.  It was great timing as we have been evolving our messaging and this gave us a great way to deliver it.  We are laser-focused on NAV, we've embraced the cloud with O365 and Azure (if you don't know what these are, let us know and we'll help you), we have assembled a good sized team with deep expertise in both business and applications, and we are constantly striving to improve the customer experience.  I can tell you, what I just described is not easy, and we're always critiquing ourselves, but the satisfaction of achieving this is so rewarding!  Please share with me or anyone on our team if there are ways we can improve - after all, it is our customers' success that will ultimately determine our success!  I hope you enjoy our newsletter!

Mark Christe, CEO
Innovia Consulting

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Multi-level sales is big business - $178-billion-a-year big business - with more than 92 million independent consultants worldwide repping everything from clothing and jewelry to wellness, nutrition products and home décor. It can also be a risky venture, with higher-than-average failure rates and complicated tax compliance rules.  Read More

By Lanham Associates

Warehousing's origins started long ago with the creation of granaries to store food, making the food then available for purchase during times of famine. Fast forward to today's warehousing world and you'll encounter numerous Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), also designed to feed a need, but today the hunger is for information.  Read More

By Barb Levisay, Redmond Channel Partner

Since Microsoft's acquisition of Great Plains in 2000 and Navision in 2002, ERP-focused partners have had a complicated relationship with Microsoft. Despite the promise of "One Microsoft," ERP partners have continued to work with a siloed Dynamics team for 15 years. With Microsoft's June restructuring, the walls around Dynamics came down, merging the group into the Cloud and Enterprise team led by Scott Guthrie. Read More

Customizing Profiles in NAV 2015
By Jenny Hollingsworth

Is NAV intimidating to you? Do you ever feel like navigating through the maze of departments, lists, or reports is a lot like driving around Chicago... without Google Maps? Read More

Shiny New Gadget of the Month

Set of two black metal bookends depict an alien invasion scenario in silhouette. One side shows a flying saucer attack on a city, with little stick people running in terror, while the other bookend depicts a flying saucer beaming up an unsuspecting bovine specimen. Will keep your books propped up on the shelf, though anti-gravity may be required for these to function outside of Earth's gravitational pull. Learn More
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This Months Question
Which of the following are items that you can customize in NAV 2015 RTC?

a. Profile Type
b. Notifications
c. Button Size
d. All of the above

Submit your answer to [email protected] A winner will be drawn from the correct responses to win a Shiny New Gadget. 

Last Months Answer
Which of the following are important points in selecting WMS Scanning Hardware?

a. Screen Size 
b. Scanning Distance 
c. Battery Life 
d. All of the above 

Answer: d. All of the above 

Congratulations go to: Joe Kelich, La Crosse Seed who won the Executive Knight Pen Holder