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Disaster-Proofing Your Supply Chain: A 5-Question Checklist for Execs


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Goes Mobile

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Customer Comment
"Dynamics NAV has allowed Saris Cycling to grow without adding additional staff by allowing flexibility to change, adapt, and become more efficient."
Kevin Fons
Materials Manager
Saris Cycling Group

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The new tablet-optimized Microsoft Dynamics NAV application is available via:

a. Apple App Store

b. Google Play


c. Windows Store


d. all of the above


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According to Tim Beyer's (contributor to "The Motley Fool"): 
"Big data is the new ____________"

a. cloud computing

b. small data

c. money maker

d. Google



a. cloud computing



Congratulations go to

Vanessa Lehigh

Kirby Foods

who won the

Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver



Hello all - we're back from Microsoft Convergence and we're excited! The event has continued to expand as Microsoft is bringing the vision of the whole company, giving us a glimpse on how the business world and beyond will change with new technology. Satya Nadella (Microsoft's CEO) gave the keynote, and painted a picture where all businesses will become software companies, providing software as a service to their customers. It is truly amazing to see the breadth of new tools and technologies coming, not to mention the speed at which they are being developed. The closing keynote gave an overview of Microsoft's efforts against cybercrime - this gave us a look at how these new tools can make an impact. They showed a number of analytic tools making use of big data (mind blowing amounts of data) with unlimited computing power in Azure. It was great to hear some of the stories of how they are making a difference. Being a football fan, it was a nice surprise when Russell Wilson (of the Seattle Seahawks) came onstage to share how technology is a part of his daily life. There were many great product sessions, leadership sessions, and customer service sessions - Convergence really offered something for everyone. The expo was 3 football fields in size so you could literally spend all day talking to partners and vendors.



The overall takeaway I had for our own company was that as much as I felt Microsoft (and technology) was moving fast, and that ABC needed to move faster, the clear message is that both Microsoft and technology will be moving faster yet. My feeling of being a little behind and needing to catch up is very much heightened. Great new technology is coming, and I personally realize I need to let go of some of the ways I have used technology and adopt the new approaches - definitely a paradigm shift that I must embrace. For my role at ABC, I'm focussing on the "how". How we, as a company, will not only keep up but become a leader. I'll be working on achieving this through improving the structure, streamlining the process, and empowering our people to achieve this vision.

I hope you consider Convergence next year - April in New Orleans!



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Mark Christie, CEO

ABC Computers, Inc. 


Bringing Convergence 2015 Back to You!                

By Kerry Rosvold



Every year, ABC Computers sends a team to Microsoft Convergence so we can network with Microsoft employees as well as with other partners and customers, deepen our knowledge about Microsoft products, and continue to prepare ourselves for future improvements Microsoft announces during the conference.

Why do we do it? In order to bring all that knowledge back home! That way, we get to share what we've learned not only with our team, but also with our customers.


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Taking Business Analytics beyond the Golf Course: What it Really Means to "Go Mobile"

By Tara Grant


It shouldn't come as any shock that the era of running businesses or departments by being chained to a desk is quickly fading. But what you might not see is how the concept of "remote" is expanding beyond the capability of working from a location other than the headquarter office. What you will see is the evolution of "Going Mobile".



Vetting your NAV Partner

By James Strack


We all know the importance of selecting the right product to help you run your business.  Companies spend a great deal of energy, time, and commitment to validate products that will assist them in growing, running, and expanding their business.  This decision, often made after months or years of effort, is both strategic and technical in nature.  This is not a decision made lightly. An excellent product will provide valuable information to decision makers to help them operate and streamline their business.



Disaster-Proofing Your Supply Chain: A 5-Question Checklist for Execs

By Tom Doran


Backups,disaster recovery, fail over solutions...whatever you call them, the purpose isthe same.  How can your business get backin business if there is a disruption in your critical network based programs?  Most leaders acknowledge the importance ofhaving a "back up" solution.  But veryfew business people actually take the necessary time to evaluate the impact ofeach of their critical points of failure to determine their exposure and answertwo simple questions, "how long can we be down in this area and how much doesit cost per hour?"  This blog providessome simple steps for leaders to follow when trying to make such an evaluation. 



Microsoft Dynamics NAV Goes Mobile                    

By Alan Wyne



In the 1950's the CEO of GM, Harlow Curtice, was reported to have said, "If a business is not moving forward it is falling behind".   In today's world that means adapting to the requirements of the mobile world.   Business has become increasingly aware that freeing staff from the constraints of the desk or office leads to better productivity.   Whether providing ways for sales people to be in front of the customer more or allowing managers to be on the production floor more, access to business data and systems is a requirement for this mobile world.   With the advent of tablet versions of NAV on many platforms, Microsoft is taking the lead in adapting a strong ERP system to provide consistent access to business systems.


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ABC Computers has been providing a unique blend of business software solutions and computer support services to businesses - small and large - since 1984. Over the last 25+ years, we have earned a reputation for exceeding clients' expectations and developing lasting relationships by first listening - learning about your business - and only then suggesting solutions to help you achieve your objectives. 


With 3 locations in Wisconsin (WI), 1 location in South Bend, IN, and staff throughout the upper Midwest, ABC offers business consulting and IT services through two distinctly related teams.


Our business management systems group specializes in financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).  

ABC's computer support services team specializes in troubleshooting IT problems that disrupt business operations and transforming technology from a burden into an asset.

Donavan Lane, as well as each team member of ABC, is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Thus our commitment to implementing "Business Solutions...Your Way."