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Office 365...just keeps getting better.


NAVUG Summit vs. Microsoft Convergence. Which one should you choose?


Customize the Ribbon in NAV 2013


So you want a WMS? WMS Software Options and Labeling the Warehouse

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Customer Comment
"ABC Computers has been there for us throughout the years, assisting us with our networking and computer system needs. They go above and beyond in aiding us to stay operational and enabling us to service our customers both internally and externally. Their team of technicians work in conjunction with each other to solve whatever issue arises. They also educate our onsite IT contact on how to cover the small day to day issues. And they do it all with a smile!"
  Holly Keough

IT Manager

Waupaca Northwoods

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Turns your existing speaker systems into Smartspeakers. For all speaker systems with Audio-In (works with 3.5mm Stereo and RCA inputs). Choose from 7 Colors.

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What is the date for Convergence 2015?

a. January 12 - 15


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d. August 10 - 13


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What information can you find on Microsoft's Azure website?

a. General information about Azure


b. Pricing calculators


c. Documentation


d. All of the above




d. All of the above



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Jeane Meade

Sheldons', Inc.

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Happy Holidays!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I'd like to be the first to wish you a blessed and peaceful upcoming Christmas and New Year.  With such a short time between the two holidays this year, there is no doubt even more hustle and bustle and pressure to contend with now.


We continue to be blessed and busy at ABC - we recently hit a milestone for our small company, adding our 50th employee!  As a number of our customers have already grown through this milestone, they are aware of all the additional things to do, such as documenting our processes and procedures.  Perhaps some of you are like us, and fall back on "tribal knowledge".  Well, as we find our tribe is growing, we're also realizing that not all of the tribe has the same knowledge, and the process of communicating that critical information just doesn't happen by itself.  We will be spending a lot of our time documenting our processes and procedures as well as educating and training our staff. Combined with the blessings of our growth, it may feel similar to the holiday hustle and bustle and pressure.



Something I must do for our team is remind staff about balance, put things in to perspective, and enjoy the journey, not simply focus on the destination.  The same goes for everyone with the holidays - enjoy the time as we approach them and certainly as we experience them. Don't wish for the destination of "getting past the holidays", but rather enjoy every day of "the journey". Put things in to perspective as to what is really important during the holidays.  I know it can be easier said than done, but every little reminder may help - again, I wish everyone a blessed and peaceful upcoming Christmas and New Year! 



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Mark Christie, CEO

ABC Computers, Inc. 


There is still time to take advantage of the Section 179 Deduction

By Jeffrey Pergolski  


Earlier this month Congress passed the 2014 tax bill that renews the Section 179 Deduction for businesses.  At a glance, Section 179 means this:
* The deduction limit for new and used equipment, as well as off-the-shelf software is set at $25,000.
* The maximum amount that can be spent on equipment and software and deducted as that accelerated rate is $200,000.  You can spend over the maximum amount, but the available deduction starts to be reduced.


Office 365...just keeps getting better.

By Ben Bolte  


At ABC Computers, we've been selling Office 365 for years.  We sold it back in the days when it was originally released and called BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite).  Since those early days, so much has changed, but one thing that hasn't is the value that it provides our clients.  Well, actually I take that back, it's a better value now than it's ever been.  Let's look at some of the recent changes and I think you too will be excited about them. Back in October, Microsoft announced changes in the structured plans.  There used to be small business plans for customers with less than 25 users, and a mid-size plan for those under 300.  These plans were dropped with the introduction of 3 new plans.  The one plan that excites me is the Office 365 Business plan.  We run in to customers that want to replace a few PCs and they aren't ready to migrate everyone to Office 365 for hosting their email or SharePoint yet, but they need to get Office.  You can purchase an OEM copy from HP or Dell for around $200, or you could subscribe to Office 365 and for $99 a year.  But on top of Office, you would also get OneDrive for Business and have 1 TB of storage space that you could access from anywhere. 


NAVUG Summit vs. Microsoft Convergence. Which one should you choose?                                               

By Tom Doran



Many people ask: which event should I attend, NAVUG Summit or Microsoft Convergence?  It is a good question.  The two events, while similar, each have their own strengths.  So there the real question is: why should you attend any events at all?


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Customize the Ribbon in NAV 2013                                                                 

By Duane Maupin


With NAV 2013 it can be frustrating when you have to click on a different tab on the Ribbon for a process that you use a lot.  With that said if it is somewhere on the Ribbon it is very easy to move those things that you use a lot to the Home tab and eliminate the clutter that you don't.  Just take the following steps.


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So you want a WMS? WMS Software Options and Labeling the Warehouse.                                                

By Alan Wyne


So you know that a WMS will help you manage your warehouse operations and inventory. But how do you know what kind of software you need? The first step in selecting your software is to build a specification list.


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About ABC Computers 


ABC Computers has been providing a unique blend of business software solutions and computer support services to businesses - small and large - since 1984. Over the last 25+ years, we have earned a reputation for exceeding clients' expectations and developing lasting relationships by first listening - learning about your business - and only then suggesting solutions to help you achieve your objectives. 


With 3 locations in Wisconsin (WI), 1 location in South Bend, IN, and staff throughout the upper Midwest, ABC offers business consulting and IT services through two distinctly related teams.


Our business management systems group specializes in financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).  

ABC's computer support services team specializes in troubleshooting IT problems that disrupt business operations and transforming technology from a burden into an asset.

Donavan Lane, as well as each team member of ABC, is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Thus our commitment to implementing "Business Solutions...Your Way."