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"From the start, we were impressed by ABC's enthusiastic, friendly and forward-thinking approach."


Jim Niemuth


Five Star Foods, Orv's Pizza

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Distance Learning for Dynamics NAV Users


Live instructor, NAV training at your desk!

NAVUG, the independent Dynamics NAV User Group, has developed an awesome lineup of training classes for 2014.
 Shiny New Gadget
of the Month:
iDuck - Bathtub Music


In the spirit of helping you squeeze one more vacation into this fast waning summer, this month we're giving away the iDuck. This waterproof, floating ducky is a speaker for MP3s & FM radio. It works with any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Learn more about it here


August Quick Quiz

Enter our Quick Quiz drawing for your chance to win this month's Shiny New Gadget. 




What can Microsoft Azure do for your business?

a. Be a great test environment


b. Be a great backup solution


c. Completely replace your existing infrastructure


d. All of the above



  Submit your answer to [email protected]

A winner will be drawn from the correct responses. 

Last Month's

Quick Quiz



What is Office Lens?

a. An app that acts as a scanner

b. An app that magnifies documents

c. An app that posts photos to social media



a. An app that acts as a scanner



Congratulations go to

Deb Mallory

Mr's Gerry's Kitchen, Inc.

who won the Avengers USB Drive Set




Squeeze in one more vacation!



We're nearing the end of summer already and if your summer was anything like ours it went way too fast. 


From a work perspective, we continue to be very busy at ABC.  We started something new this year with our budgeting process and I wanted to share in case this would be helpful to your business.  We do an annual budget and have 12 months in our system but, instead of an annual review and budget update, we will now do our budget review and update twice a year.  Basically we replace the next 6 months with new data and extend our budget 6 more months.  It's not ideal from the standpoint of the extra work for the management team during the summer but I believe we will see great benefits.



When it comes to what businesses desire of their staff, phrases commonly heard are "shared vision", "focus", "on the same page" and "execution". At ABC we strive for this ourselves.  Our budgeting process is all about the business decisions and assumptions to accomplish our goals, so the sheer process really allows us to hit all of these phrases.  The end result is a more accurate picture of the next 6 months, as well as allowing our headlights to shine another 6 months out - we now have a view of the first half of 2015 and can extrapolate the whole year.  In the past, we all had some ideas of next year but really didn't come together as a shared vision until the end of the year (sometimes January).
We're early on with this change but really enjoy what we have seen thus far - perhaps this will be helpful to you? 


Enjoy the rest of your summer!





null NewMicrosoftCompetencyLogo  

Mark Christie, CEO

ABC Computers, Inc. 


Ohh! There you are! : The hidden joys of the right mouse click in NAV 2013

By Duane Maupin


NAV 2013 has brought many new features to the party but sometimes it's the little things in life that we get the most joy from.  2009 RTC was a big change for many. With it came some restrictions and takeaways that were hard to adjust to.  But, fortunately, Microsoft has added some much needed Find/Filter features that are just a click away.

Read More.

Windows Phone 8.1 Continues to Improve

By Jeffrey Pergolski



In my third and final post about Windows Phone 8.1, I'm looking back on the past four months of running the beta release and hitting the highs and lows.  To be honest, there are far more things to celebrate in the latest phone OS than there are things to complain about but when you use your phone as much as I do, there are certainly a few things that could be improved.

Read More.



Did you know 'Rapid Start' can save you time and reduce implementation headaches?
By Jenny Hollingsworth 
You say no way and how is that? Well, let it be said. Microsoft has harmonized the ERP implementation basics with the increased value of tools such as RapidStart, Jet Express, Automated Bank Reconciliation, Mapping tools for integration and much more. Let us journey and create that feng shui which all implementation approaches should build on. A 'passion' to solve business needs, leverage implementation technique and tools to reduce stress and drive client buy in.  


Microsoft Azure: Taking Cloud to the next level Part 1
By Jeffrey Pergolski
This is the first part of a series about Microsoft Azure.  Microsoft Azure is more than just a hosted environment, it is a hosted platform.  It can be leveraged in so many different ways to help optimize your IT environment.  Azure can be a great test environment for you, a great backup solution, or it can completely replace your existing infrastructure; we have helped customers find value in each of those types of solutions and more.  Because of the great number of options that Azure allows for it can seem very confusing and overwhelming at first glance.  I'll try to hit the high points in this first post and dig a little deeper in subsequent posts. Read More

About ABC Computers 


ABC Computers has been providing a unique blend of business software solutions and computer support services to businesses - small and large - since 1984. Over the last 25+ years, we have earned a reputation for exceeding clients' expectations and developing lasting relationships by first listening - learning about your business - and only then suggesting solutions to help you achieve your objectives. 


With 3 locations in Wisconsin (WI), 1 location in South Bend, IN, and staff throughout the upper Midwest, ABC offers business consulting and IT services through two distinctly related teams.


Our business management systems group specializes in financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).  

ABC's computer support services team specializes in troubleshooting IT problems that disrupt business operations and transforming technology from a burden into an asset.

Donavan Lane, as well as each team member of ABC, is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Thus our commitment to implementing "Business Solutions...Your Way."