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August 2015
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Call for Professional Theatre Training Program Grant Applications
Professional Theatre Training Program Project Profiles
Speak Out on e-smoking and the Performing Arts
Playwright-in-Person with Vern Thiessen
Adjudicators Symposium
Career Stream Workshops
Creator Stream Workshops
International Creators Scholarship
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Funding Professional Theatre Mentorships

Do you need financial support for professional development or a "change of direction" in your career? The next deadline to apply for our Professional Theatre Training Program (PTTP) is October 1.

The Professional Theatre Training Program offers financial support for unique and flexible training with a chosen mentor in any theatrical discipline (except performance.)

Please note: Starting with this grant round, there are a few key enhancements to the program eligibility guidelines.

Ontario Arts Council

This program is funded by the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.
Project Profiles from the Professional Theatre Training Program

In the past month, we caught up with a few training projects funded by the Professional Theatre Training Program:
  • Emma Mackenzie Hillier is training in dramaturgy with Bob White at the Stratford Festival
  • Catherine Ballachey is training in dramaturgy with Laurie Steven at Odyssey Theatre in Ottawa
  • Jasmine Chen is training in outreach with Marjorie Chan at Cahoots Theatre in Toronto
Speak Out on Bill 45 e-smoking and the Performing Arts

As some of you are aware, the Government of Ontario has recently passed a bill which will ban the use of e-smoking in public spaces, including theatres.

While many of us are in support of regulations for e-smoking, we are concerned about the negative impact it may have on our industry.

We have reached out to the Ministry asking them to make an exemption for the performing arts.  

You can help - but the deadline is August 14.

Playwright-in-Person with Vern Thiessen

Playwright-in-PersonWe welcome Vern Thiessen as our Playwright-in-Person at our 2015 Summer Theatre Intensive in Waterloo on August 10.

This event is free and open to the public (it is not limited to those who are participating in the Summer Intensive.)

Join Us at Our Adjudicators Symposium

Adjudicators Symposium Theatre Ontario's Adjudicators Symposium is an opportunity for adjudicators to benefit from professional development and networking.

The Symposium is a forum to share experiences, compare techniques and practices, and discuss training needs and opportunities. This year's Symposium is on September 26. Learn more about, and register for Theatre Ontario's Adjudicators Symposium.

As we prepare the agenda for the Symposium, we invite input from the community theatre sector. Where do we need to go from here? Brandon Moore writes about adjudication on the Theatre Ontario Blog
Career Stream Workshops

The Career Stream is for those who want to learn and harness the basic tools and resources needed to thrive in the profession of acting.

Coming up in the Fall, we are offering:
Creator Stream Workshops

The Creator Stream is for anyone looking to produce their own work or start their own theatre company.

Coming up in the fall we are offering:
The Opportunity to Fail - Training with SITI Company through the International Creators Scholarship

Lisa Cox was the 2015 recipient of the International Creators Scholarship. The scholarship provides the opportunity for an emerging theatre artist to train in theatre creation on an international level with SITI Company.

The Scholarship was created by Why Not Theatre and Theatre Ontario, and is sponsored by SDA Enterprises with matching funds from artsVest Toronto.
International Creators Scholarship
From Our Blog

Our most popular posts last month included:
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Ontario Off Stage

In "Ontario Off Stage" on our blog, we curate theatre conversations and news from around the province and beyond. Highlights from last month include:

From July 24:
  • Ontario Summer Theatre visits to Campbellford and Perth
  • What will make the great Canadian musical Canadian?
  • Some nuanced conversations about cell-phones in theatres
  • Catch-up on these conversation starters
From July 10
  • The link between audience development at professional theatre and attendance at community theatre festivals
  • The influence of Twitter on dramaturgy
  • Making a commitment to "watch" as part of the Guelph Arts Council's Artful Pledge
  • Tips for becoming a young arts professional
  • If the arts were reported like sports
  • Catch-up on these conversation starters
Book Suite 350's Boardroom for Your Next Meeting in Toronto

Suite 350 Boardroom The tenants of Suite 350 invite organizations, groups, and committees to book the boardroom at Suite 350 for their next meeting, workshop, or small event. Centrally located at historic 401 Richmond Street West, the room is a beautiful, large, and quiet space in the heart of downtown Toronto.

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