MicroHAWK®: One Incredible Platform
From Auto ID to Machine Vision
Meet MicroHAWK, the next generation of industrial imaging devices. With the highest-performance imaging engine in its class at the core, MicroHAWK offers an array of modular hardware options to take on any OEM and factory automation task with three micro-form-factor cameras. Choose your software experience from basic decoding to complex inspection, plug and power, and instantly outperform the competition out of the box.
MicroHAWK® powers any automated task from the world's smallest and most versatile smart camera platform, featuring the most comprehensive software on the market.   The only industrial imager that does it all, outperforming all imagers that specialize.  Read barcodes, track parts, control quality or enable guidance.

CANopen Lexium Motion Module
Ultra-compact Motion Controller

The recently released Lexium Motion Module (LMM), an ultra-compact programmable motion controller, expands its performance range with the release of a new CANopen version. 
The product's full featured CANopen interface supports CiA DS301: CANopen Application Layer/Communication Profile and DSP402: Device Profile for Drives/Motion Control. The LMM's extremely compact size of 2.7x1.4x0.16" (68x35x4mm) is a good solution for CANopen motion systems with tight space constraints.
Industries that measure their applications in millimeters versus inches can benefit from the Lexium Motion Module. The motion controller is a particularly good fit for life science and laboratory automation applications, where the high cost of clean space is a critical consideration

Paper: Motion Control for Sequencing Instrumentation
Specialized Motion Control Provides Vital Contribution to Cost Control

The wealth of information that DNA sequencing can provide is essential to advancing many areas of biological research, including applied fields such as medical diagnosis, biotechnology, forensic biology, virology, and biological systematics.
If DNA sequencing represents the motive force driving research in the life sciences, motion systems are the muscle behind that motive force. Their use in laboratory technology is helping to unravel clues to an individual's unique genetic code faster and with greater clarity than ever before possible

Primatics PDR160B Rotary Stage
High Efficiency Neodymium Servo Motor

Primatics PDR160B rotary stage is among the most advanced direct drive tables available. It features a high performance direct drive motor that provides arcsecond repeatability and fast settling times making the PDR160B ideal for semiconductor wafer inspection, high speed laser machining, and precision metrology. The compact design also yields a smaller footprint than comparable worm drives.
  • Direct drive continuous rotary motion
  • Low maintenance and long life
  • Resolution to 0.05 arcsec
  • Home sensor
  • Single cable connection
  • Oversized cross roller bearing
  • ISO 4 cleanroom option

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