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AmCon Seminars

IP-Tech will be presenting
Two Technology Seminars at
AmCon on Tuesday, May 24th

10:15am - 11:15am
Seth Garrison In-Position Technologies
  • The collaborative difference: Safety, Reliability, and Ease of Use
  • Increasing throughput without hiring more labor
  • Using robotics to maximize the ROI of your most expensive machinery
11:30am - 12:30pm
High Performance 3D Scanning for Manufacturing
Casey Sheil, In-Position Technologies 
  • All-In-One 3D Smart Sensors.
  • High-Performance 3D Scanners
  • Sub-Micron 3D Scanners

Automation - Easy As 1  2  3
Application: Automating a cosmetic production line
The Operations Manager of a small but growing contract manufacturer of cosmetics approached us at a Utah based manufacturing event to inquire about automating his lines.  Our system features the new EtherCAT based Parker Automation Controller (PAC), with Parker HMI, servo drives, motors, actuators and pneumatics. 

To date, the pick and place line we built has capped more than a million bottles and paid for itself in less 45 days. Now that's ROI!

Project Videos:

Microscan Unveiling the World's Smallest Smart Cameras at The Vision Show
You've never seen anything like it before...

Microscan unveils the world's smallest smart cameras for industrial automation at The Vision Show 2016. These revolutionary compact devices will redefine industrial imaging to comprehensively address applications from barcode reading to complex inspection. From mini to micro to omni-capable, Microscan's new devices will power the range of image-based automation applications from one incredibly small smart camera platform.

Smallest, most flexible smart camera platform
Select your hardware (sensor, optics, lighting, autofocus)
Select your capability (barcode reading to machine vision) from our software library)

Automate Your Assembly Work
Kolver and Universal Robots - A great team

Kolver electric screw drivers make an ideal companion to Universal Robots to automate assembly work.

KOLVER screwdrivers are reliable and accurate, safe and pollution free, quiet and have the lowest energy consumption, innovative and powerful, ESD-safe, built to last. KOLVER quality will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Sugino Automated Drilling & Tapping Equipment    

Sugino offers a diverse array of Selfeeder Component Drilling Units, including air and electric types with up to 7.5 HP. The electric series features highly precise air feed drilling and rapid advancement. Servo-driven, pneumatic, portable concentric models and a variety of precision tapping units, are also available.

Collaborative Robots: Safety Made Easy 
Robot safety standards for collaborative operation ISO 10218

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the long awaited ISO/TS 15066 as a supplementary document to support the ISO 10218 'Safety Requirements for Industrial Robots' standard. 

ISO/TS 15066 is a comprehensive document to help integrators of robotic cells conduct risk assessments when installing collaborative robots.

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