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Technology Leader in Industrial Barcode and Inspection Solutions

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Introducing Gocator 3D Smart Sensor

Microscan Unveiling the World's Smallest Smart Cameras at The Vision Show
You've never seen anything like it before...

Microscan unveils the world's smallest smart cameras for industrial automation at The Vision Show 2016. These revolutionary compact devices will redefine industrial imaging to comprehensively address applications from barcode reading to complex inspection. From mini to micro to omni-capable, Microscan's new devices will power the range of image-based automation applications from one incredibly small smart camera platform.

Smallest, most flexible smart camera platform
Select your hardware (sensor, optics, lighting, autofocus)
Select your capability (barcode reading to machine vision) from our software library)

The Benefits of EtherNet/IP
Parker's IPA servo drive/controller offers seamless integration into the Logix format
What do customers really mean when they ask for an EtherNet/IP servo drive? Nine times out of 10 they want a servo drive that quickly and easily integrates into a Rockwell CompactLogix or ControlLogix system.
The Intelligent Parker Amplifier (IPA), a full-featured servo drive/controller, is delivered standard with EtherNet/IP (EIP) communications capability. The IPA is an EIP adapter device (aka server or slave) that is ready out of the box for a PLC to establish communications to it.


3D Measurement for Factory Automation
LMI Technologies simplifies automated non-contact inspections with a single device


LMI Technologies is changing the way we experience 3D measurement for factory automation. By developing all-in-one 3D smart sensors that are easy to use, flexible, and extremely powerful, our technology is making part inspection and 100% quality control easier to accomplish around the world.

The Gocator series of smart laser displacement sensors are the next generation of distance measuring devices. These sensors are ruggedly designed to handle industrial environments and are ready to deliver results in your most demanding on-line inspection applications, right out of the box.
  • Pre- calibrated and ready to measure
  • Scalable and synchronized
  • Multiple sensor networkn

EtherCAT Dual & Single Axis NanoPWM Drive Module
ACS Motion Control's Powerful & Smart EtherCAT Drive Module


The NPMpm line of servo drive, from ACS Motion Control, is based on the proprietary and unique technology that exceeds stand jitter and tracking error performance that until now has been achieved only with linear drives, with reduced cost of ownership.
  • Two drives per module for Gantry control
  • Voltage: 12Vdc - 100Vdc, Current: up to 13.3A / 40A (cont peak)
  • Sub-nanmeter standstill kitter
  • Nanometer tracking error and optimal velocity smoothness
  • Lower heat dissipation

Universal Robots: 
Robots Create Jobs

Opportunities are bright for workers and their cobot colleagues

Robots are playing a hand in reshoring initiatives, automation is proving to have a substantial and positive impact on manufacturing employment around the world, and studies continue to bear out these conclusions.
Even while investing in automation, a group of manufacturers surveyed expected that their employment would increase by at least 5% over the next five years, and more than a quarter predicted a job increase of at least 10%.

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