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In-Position Technologies will be closed in observance of the Good Friday on March 25th.

Parker's All-in-one Electromechanical 
Product Guide

Highlighting their vast array of motion and machine control solutions, Parker's Automation Technology guide contains the complete selection of the electromechanical actuators, motors, drives, controls and HMI products available from Parker today.

Robot Revolution Powering Up at Denver Museum
Opens March 18th

A new groundbreaking exhibition,  Robot Revolution, will open at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on March 18.

Robot Revolution explores how robots, created by human ingenuity, will ultimately be our companions and colleagues, changing how we play, live, and work together. The exhibition takes guests into a visionary world where robots are not just a curiosity but a vital asset.
Identify how machines are able to sense, plan, and then act, while comparing and contrasting the ways in which humans and robots learn. Move the UR5 robot arm and watch it repeat the movements in this interactive exhibit.

Parker Direct Drive Rotary Motors
Powerful Direct Drive Solutions
These precision direct drive rotary motors provide high torque density by using the highest class rated Neodymium permanent magnet.  They are the ideal direct drive solution for the Parker P series drives.  Once the motor is connected to the P series drive it will automatically recognize the motor.  Predefined Profile mode provides ideal indexing feature for your machine.  EtherCAT gives high speed communication for multi-axis solutions.
  • High resolution absolute encoder feedback
  • 5 Frame sizes: 135mm, 175mm, 230mm, 290mm, 360mm
  • Low vibration and outstanding mechanical accuracy
  • Optimized winding structure

Lexium Motion Module
Programmable Motion Controller

Lexium Motion Module (LMM) is a programmable motion controller with powerful H-bridge driver. LMM delivers the ultra-compact size and fl exibility of a chipset, but with the power and features of leading Lexium MDrive integrated motors, including MCode programming language.
  • Ultra-compact modular design
  • up to 48 VDC power supply voltage
  • 1.5 Amp (RMS), 2.1 Amp (Peak) bridge driver current
  • I/O points include: 4 inputs2, 3 outputs2, encoder input
  • Fully programmable motion control with MCode language; CANopen control version option
  • Standard PCI Express edge card connector3
  • Development boards, 1- and 4-axis
  • Motors, offered in a range of sizes to match requirements

Universal Robots Case Study:
Universal Robots ensures faster delivery of blood sample results

Two UR5 robots now optimize the handling and sorting of blood samples for analysis at the Copenhagen University Hospital in Gentofte. The solution enables the lab to uphold a target of delivering more than 90% of results within 1 hour despite a 20% increase in samples arriving for analysis.

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