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New 2-Finger Adaptive Grippers

2-Finger 140 Adaptive Gripper Brings Flexibility to Divers Industries



Mercedes to Invest $1.3 Billion, 
Adds 300 Jobs in Alabama

Parker Electric Thrust Tubular Linear Motor
Ideal for Linear Handling and Pick & Place Applications

Parker's new Electric Thrust Tubular linear motor actuator series (ETT) is a tubular-style linear motor offering a unique solution for machine builders, OEMs, and users alike.  The ETT's linear motion is directly generated without the need for mechanical transmission elements like ball screws, toothed belts and gearboxes. The body of this actuator houses the motor stator, with the magnets embedded in the moving rod, making it a direct-drive, rod-style thrust actuator.  The ETT is characterizes by its high speed, high acceleration, and dynamic positioning capability, giving superior control and lower overall cost of ownership as compared to typical pneumatic positioners, due to its high efficiency and overall energy savings.

Having full compliance with the DIN ISO 15552:2005-12 mounting standard ensures simplicity of mechanical integration of the ETT and reduces overall design complexity.  A wide variety of optional accessories are available for the ETT to facilitate ease of mounting.

Lexium MDrive High Torque Motors
Up to 50% More Torque than Standard Motors
Robust Lexium MDrive products now include a premium high torque motor option for all NEMA 23 (57mm) motor versions. Torque range increases by up to 50%, while product compact size and format are maintained.  These products are especially well suited for industrial applications, including an IP65 rated version with circular M12 connectors. High torque stepper motors may replace servos, lowering system costs and delivering continuous torque at low speed. Bulky gearboxes may also be eliminated, for more cost and space savings.

Products are programmable and networkable, satisfying motion control requirements in many new and existing applications. Communication protocols include:
  • EtherNet/IP 
  • Profinet
  • ModbusTCP
  • CANopen
  • Serial RS-422/485 with programmable memory

Robotiq 2-Finger 140 Adaptive Gripper
Wide Stroke and Advanced Controls

Robotiq releases the 2-Finger 140 Adaptive Robot Gripper, a large stroke electric gripper with advanced control features. It is able to detect that a part has been picked, as well as pick soft, fragile or deformable parts without crushing them while maintaining a safe grip when the robot is moving.

The new Gripper comes with a 140 mm programmable stroke and a 2 kg payload, ideal for high-mix pick and place operations for various industries such as electronics, consumer goods and logistics.

Parker Ultra-Compact PSD Servo Drives
Next generation Standalone and Multi-axis Servo Drives

Parker's new PSD standalone and multi-axis servo drive is pitched at markets that include food and packaging, material forming, textile, paper, converting and plastics machinery
The Parker PSD features a new global PAC control platform offering communication via the EtherCAT real time high speedfieldbus. combines the latest in high performance servo technology with features that provide unique value to OEMs and machine builders. Hiperface DSL feedback greatly reduces complexity with only one cable connection between drive and motor. A removable SD card enables rapid drive exchange and software updates. The PSD1-M is the most compact multi-axis servo system on the market and is available with modules as one, two or three axis versions.

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