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Hands-on seminar illustrating Universal Robots unique capabilities while learning the ease of programming through its Graphical Interface Teach Pendant.



New 2-Finger Adaptive Grippers

Flexible Grippers in Various
Industrial Applications



Toy maker to bring Lincoln Logs production back to US

Parker XFC Extreme Force Electric Cylinders
Hydraulic replacement with up to 80,000 lbs of force

Parker's XFC series an Extreme Force Electric Thrust Cylinder featuring roller screw drive technology. This industrially hardened cylinder product utilizes an all steel construction and is manufactured to standard metric hydraulic tie rod design. The resulting cylinder offers significantly greater levels of control in addition to being an energy efficient fluid power substitute.

Utilizing roller screw technology allows the XFC to achieve far greater thrust capacities than typical electric cylinders; a maximum thrust up to 356,000N (80,000lbs). The key to the roller screw is the utilization of planetary rollers in place of typical ball bearings providing an increased number of contact surfaces between the screw shaft and the roller nut, yielding greater stiffness and load capacity and making it ideal for shock loading applications.
  • Frame Size- 75, 90, 115, 140, 165, 190 
  • Roller screw technology
  • Max Thrust- 356 kN
  • Max Speed- 1 m/s
  • Anti-rotate rod option
  • All steel construction

SPiiPlusCMhv 480 VAC Drives
State-of-the-Art Control Module & EtherCAT Master
The SPiiPlusCMHV from ACS Motion Control, is a line of Control Modules and EtherCAT Masters with one or two built-in universal motor drives. It is specifically designed to extend the capabilities of the SPiiPlusCM line of control modules to address the needs of modern machinery for high voltage, up to 480Vac, high power, economical and scalable distributed control for motion centric applications.
  • Integrated EtherCAT master with one or two built-in drives, up to 32 axes and thousands of I/O 
  • Exceptional Servo Performance: High accuracy, move & settle time, smooth velocity, stability and robustness
  • Two feedback inputs per axis
  • Powerful ACSPL+ multitasking motion and IEC-61131-3 PLC programming languages

AC30 Series Variable Frequency Drives
Now DNV Certified for Marine and Offshore Applications

Parker is pleased to announce that the AC30 series of variable frequency drives has achieved DNV-GL marine certification. The certification acknowledges the ability of AC30 to operate reliably and safely in even the most extreme of environments, including marine and offshore. Available in the power range 1 HP to 100 HP the AC30 can be specified in a wide range of applications.

The AC30 drive has been designed to provide users with exceptional levels of control for pump, fan and general purpose applications. Its flexible and highly modular construction enables a wide range of communications and I/O modules to be easily added as required.

New eBook on Collaborative Robots Safety

Collaborative robots have the potential to operate with humans around them to increase productivity in your factory. How to benefit from them while maintaining workers' safety? As these technologies are evolving faster than the safety standards, how can we deal with the safety aspect today?

In this eBook learn more about:
  • Why safety of collaborative robots is a hot topic 
  • What are the different standards that apply to the safety of collaborative robots
  • What is a risk assessment and how to do it
  • Where to find the resources to further explore the topic of safety for collaborative robots

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