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Message from the President

by Linda Smith, President



Happy New Year!


I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. Each year at this time, I always wonder what the new year will bring. We never know, do we? But one thing is certain, we must take what comes and make it the best year ever. It will be good, positive and exciting -- only if we make it so. We will find happiness and new friends -- only if we make the effort. If it is to be, it's up to me! Take this new year and turn it into your best year ever. Decide now what you want the new year to bring and work toward it. Begin this new year on a positive note anticipating great things, and it will surely come to pass.


When you ask yourself, "How can I do better?" your creative power is switched on and ways of improving suggest themselves, according to David Schwartz. In his book, The Magic of Thinking Big, Schwartz suggests:  "Each day before you begin work, devote 10 minutes to thinking, 'How can I do a better job today?'" What can I do today to encourage others? What special favor can I do for my team members? How can I increase my personal efficiency?


This exercise is simple. But it works!!! Try it and you will find many creative ways to greater success. Here is wishing you all the excitement, all the challenges, and all the happiness your tomorrows can bring.



MHA Legislative Update

by Stacey Dowdy, Manager, Health PAC & Grassroots Advocacy 



The new legislative year began on Wednesday, Jan. 8, when legislators came back from break after adjourning on Dec. 12, 2013. The Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) used the break time to submit recommendations to the Public Health Code Rewrite Advisory Committee. Gov. Rick Snyder appointed the committee and charged it with identifying opportunities to improve the healthcare regulatory environment in Michigan. Based on feedback gathered from the public, the MHA and other stakeholders, the advisory committee will complete its review of the Public Health Code and report its recommendations to Michigan Department of Community Health Director Jim Haveman and the governor in spring 2014.


Snyder called for a review of the Public Health Code in his 2011 Health and Wellness Message. Originally enacted in 1978, the Public Health Code has been amended many times to ensure it remains relevant to the changing needs of the health delivery and public health systems. However, there has not been a comprehensive review completed since the code was created 35 years ago. The MHA developed its recommendations after discussion with members of the association's committees and councils and a workgroup to specifically discuss the rewrite effort.


Gov. Rick Snyder delivered his fourth State of the State address to a joint session of the Michigan Legislature on January 16. Snyder was expected to outline his agenda for 2014 including mental health, seniors and energy.


For more information about the MHA's Advocacy efforts, such as bill tracking or a brief advocacy overview, visit the MHA website.



A Call to Action: Seeking MHVRP Leadership 

by Rachel Rosas, Advisor  


Play a part in strengthening the profession of Volunteer Services Administration by taking the opportunity to participate in the selection of MHVRP leadership.


What about you? The process does not require modesty. If you want to be a part of a dynamic leadership opportunity, and your experience as an administrator of volunteer programs is displayed through practice, then share yourself with MHVRP!


What about colleagues/others within the organization whose leadership is invaluable and demonstrates passion for the profession? Who knows them better than you do? Remember that person you met through networking? Check out the most current listing of members on www.mhvrp.org as a guide. 


The deadline for all nominations is Friday, March 21. Email your recommendations to Rachael Rosas at rrosas@stmarysofmichigan.org.  




President- Elect (1 Open Position)

  • Serves as the President's "right hand."
  • Assumes all duties and responsibilities of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President.
  • Succeeds the office of President at the expiration of the President's elected term.
  • Term:  One year as President-Elect, followed by a one year term as President and a one year term as Advisor/Chair of Nominations Committee.

 Treasurer (1 Open Position)

  • Receive all funds and deposit them into the MHVRP bank account.
  • Pay all bills as authorized by the budget.
  • Maintain a detailed accounting of receipts and expenditures.
  • Prepare annual budget.
  • Prepare and file proper paperwork with the IRS.
  • Term: one year.

 Secretary (1 Open Position)

  • Take attendance and record official minutes of all meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute minutes for board and general membership meetings at least three weeks prior to the meetings.
  • Archive files and minutes from meetings in on-line designated space on website.
  • Term: one year.

 Nominating Committee (3 Open Positions)

  • Work with the Advisor to manage the annual election process.
  • Seek and nominate members of MHVRP for office.
  • Prepare election slate in accordance with bylaws.
  • Announce results of the annual election.
  • Term: one year.

 An official nomination form was sent through Google groups and can also be found by clicking here. Again, the deadline for all nominations is Friday, March 21. Send your recommendations to Rachael Rosas at rrosas@stmarysofmichigan.org.  



MHVRP Spring Conference

by Melissa Sherry, CAVS, Education Chair



May 14-16 will be the dates for our MHVRP spring conference. We are excited about the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan, securing our conference event site, and having nationally-known speaker and author Richard Lynch join us. The conference materials are available at www.mhvrp.org.


On May 15, we will host a vendor fair, and if you are aware of potential vendors who would like to participate, please contact Donna Martorano at dmartorano@miblood.org. To review a complete list of our sponsor vendors from 2013, please refer to the MHVRP website.


As always, we strive to provide our members with a valuable education experience with both our spring conference and fall education day.



Scholarship Opportunities Available for the 2014 Conference

by Melissa Sherry, CAVS, Education Chair



Once again, MHVRP is pleased to offer scholarships to enable selected recipients to attend the MHVRP 2014 Spring Conference (May 14 - 16, 2014 at the Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth). Two scholarships will be randomly selected and will cover the total cost of the spring conference registration fee and one night's lodging at the designated conference site.


The scholarships are available to MHVRP members only and the form is available at www.mhvrp.org. The deadline for applying is March 28, 2014, and recipients will be notified by April 7, 2014.





Resource Directory

by Penny Brown, Community Resources



Have you checked out the Resource Directory recently? It is a great place to go to if you are looking for samples. Why re-create the wheel if you don't need to? From applications to position descriptions to orientation documents, you will find them here.


Some recently added documents include:

  • Wheelchair Repair Volunteer (Beaumont Health System)
  • Pneumatic Tube Carrier (Beaumont Health System)
  • New Volunteer Position Development Guide (Holland Homes and Faith Hospice)
  • Requesting Volunteers & User Department Responsibility (Holland Homes and Faith Hospice)
  • Volunteer Services Intern Description (Mercy Health - St. Mary's)
  • Volunteer Self-Evaluations (Henry Ford West Bloomfield and Mercy Health - St. Mary's)

Please note, this section of the website is password protected. If you have a useful or unique document you would like to share, please send it to Penny Brown at pennybrown@aghosp.com.


Upcoming Regional Meetings

by Kathy Zaguroli, Professional Development 



Do you wear two or three hats in the hospital and would love to have someone to bounce some new ideas off? Or, do you have a particular challenge that you would love some suggestions for resolving? Networking is often the BEST way to enhance your program (or at least get confirmation that you're not alone!). Feel free to help develop the topics for the agenda.


Come to a FREE session close to you. Upcoming sessions will be:


Covenant Healthcare

1700 Cooper, Saginaw - Room TBD

Friday, March 21

10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Hosted by Sarah Knochel and lunch is provided

RSVP to 989-583-6048 or sknochel@chs-mi.com


Please RSVP to the site(s) you plan to attend at least one week prior to the meeting date. Regional Meetings are not limited to MHVRP members. Feel free to bring associates from your department or from other local healthcare facilities

who want to share ideas and experiences.

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MHVRP Spring Conference

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2014 MHVRP Regional Meetings


Covenent Healthcare

Friday, March 21, 2014 

10 a.m. - 1 p.m.    

Hosted by Sarah Knochel


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