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July/August 2013
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Message From the President



The Power of Pulling Together


This video demonstrates the importance of our organization and how we can support and work together to move forward.   Please click on the following link to view this powerful video: 



When geese fly in formation, they can get 71% further than they could if they flew alone. As individual leaders in our organizations, we can achieve more if we stick together and support each other through MHVRP. I am so excited to see the new members that have joined our group. Thank you also to those of you who renewed your membership. The more people that are members, the more talent and ideas we have to share.


We need to stay in formation with those who are headed where we want to go and be willing to accept their help as well as give ours to others.  This is the beauty of our organization. No one is alone. If you are asked to change a process or do something new, send out an email to our membership. The chances are that someone has already done it or is doing something similar. All of our plates are too full to spend time reinventing volunteer roles or process changes. Ask your fellow members for help.


Take turns leading. If we all take a turn leading, it will not be overwhelming for any one individual. The added benefit is that new leadership keeps our organization alive and moving forward. If you think you would like to be in a leadership role, you have an opportunity right now to serve on the board of MHVRP. We are looking for someone who would like to learn more about our state organization and would be willing to assist with keeping our by-laws and policies updated. The role is By-laws Chairperson. If you would like more information, please contact me. It is a great first role for someone who has not been on the board before.


Encourage each other to keep up the pace. MHVRP is a wonderful support group. Contact your fellow members if you are feeling overwhelmed. We have all been there. Sometimes, just talking to someone can really help.


Stand by each other in difficult times. Most of our organizations are going through significant change. Attend regional meetings and state educational offerings to learn how to weather the health care storm.


Let's all fly in formation and remember to drop back to help those who need it! That is the power of pulling together.


--Linda Smith



Did You Know?



Did you know that if you are looking for a member of MHVRP to email, it is as simple as one-click? If you go to www.MHVRP.org and click on "Member Listing" and enter the password, each member is listed in alphabetical order. If you click on the member's name, an email box will automatically pop up and you can submit an email with one click! The subject line will be MHVRP!  



Highlights from Fellow Colleagues


In an attempt to highlight other volunteer departments throughout Michigan, the MHVRP Board is encouraging volunteer personnel to submit newsletter articles to Katelyn Johnson highlighting new programs, services, or any special activity occurring at your respective healthcare facility.  If you have any questions, please contact Katelyn.
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Thank you to those who have already "liked" us on Facebook. Social Media is just one more opportunity to network with fellow volunteer professionals.  We encourage you to post links to articles or tools that you find useful in your position.
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Welcome, New Members

Debbie Driza

Volunteer Coordinator

Resthaven Care Community

280 W. 40th Street

Holland, MI  49423

Phone: 616.796.3619


Laura Miedema

Volunteer Coordinator

Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids

100 Michigan St. NE

Grand Rapids, MI  49503

Phone: 616.391.8800



Lisa Gramlich

Manager, Volunteer Services

Mercy Memorial Hospital System

718  N. Macomb

Monroe, MI  48162

Phone: 734.240.8931


Heather Foor

Volunteer Liaison

St. Joseph Health System

200 Hemlock, PO Box 659

Tawas City, MI  48764-0659

Phone: 989.362.9828



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