Happy Divine Year!
I was listening to the Kryon channel from Laguna Beach (again) this morning and heard something 'new' or at least something I hadn't yet heard. It was the last 2013 channel. Kryon said that 2014 is the Year of Divinity- a 'seven' year in numerology. For me this is very good news; but then, after 2013, almost anything would be good.
On November 29, our dear friend, Stony (Charlie Stoneciper) had a fatal heart attack in his Arvada home. I am deeply touched by his loss; he was Sid's Body Talk protégé, and in many ways they were soul mates in the healing world. It's so strange to me how these two wonderful men, whose hearts were full of love, so giving and caring, had such faulty physical hearts. Stony's service is Wednesday, and I have the honor of speaking for the healing community. There are many connections and synchronicities with Stony: we met him about 12 years ago, and he and Sid just clicked. Stony and his wife Beth were our patients and friends for many years. Three years ago, on New Year's Eve, Sid and I married them in their home. This was the last of several weddings Sid and I preformed together - coincidentally. Stony passed the day before Sid's birthday (coincidentally) and 2 days before their 3rd anniversary, and in 2013. When I finished telling Lee about Stony's passing he said, 'yes, its still 2013.' I have learned this year that being left behind seems a lot worse than letting go of this life.
So here we are on the other side of The Year of Recalibration (also known as the Year of Full Moons and the Year of Poop; a Lee-ism!) in the Year of Divinity, and are you ready for a fresh start? I'm looking forward to Lee and Kryon's visit in Boulder and channel for this New Year- inspiration!  And having my FIRST Lemurian Sisterhood/Flame of the Goddess meeting for 2014 in my home state, riding the wave of the Kryon energy sounds good to me, too!
PLEASE SEE THE ADJUSTED TIMES FOR THIS WEEKEND BELOW~If you aren't able to join us in person, we are in touch always through the Crystalline Grid's - Gaia, the Pleiadian, and our personal energy Grids! Let's tune in Saturday, Saturday evening and Sunday and create a beautiful web of connections!
 In the Light and Love of the Divine~ Amber
 Kryon says, "Celebrate 2014!"
I.    January 11   *10:00- 4:30  Lee Carroll/Kryon 
in  Boulder, Colorado            Register here 
(of course, our dear Dr. Todd will pop in for a quick visit)
       II.   January 11   *6- 9 pm                                   Lemurian  Sisterhood Sacred Circle
                           LS logo
Activate your Lemurian DNA, reawaken your Divine Feminine and be initiated into The Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters. We will light the Flame of the Goddess in honor of the Ancient Ones as we become the flame carriers. Join us in sacred ceremony, meditation and Initiation and new traditions!
"The ceremonies you create today will be profound tools of balance for Humanity." Kryon about the Lemurian Sisterhood, 2013
Register here (on the same page as the Kryon link)
 III.   January 12   * 10-6 pm(ending time approximate)
  Pineal Tones with Dr. Todd
        Join us for ONE wildly transformational day learning advanced sound
        healing and balancing with Dr. Todd's powerful Pineal Toning technique.
        You will build skills for self and global advancement and activation!
        The NEW Tones will be presented and information about the Choirs in
        Mt. Shasta and Uluru and Israel.
                                                                Register here 


 "It's time to reset your mind, body, and spirit to reclaim your true nature with the pineal tones sound healing workshop" Kryon about the Pineal Tones
**Upcoming Kryon and Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars and Sacred Circles
Here is a wonderful gift  that has been awaiting it's debut! I found the original of this CD, "Sacred Energy Alchemy," that Sid and I made in 2000 at a patient's recording studio. This is a documentation of Sid's daily spiritual practice that was 'given' to him by his unseen healing guide and teach of many years, Master Chia, in 1996. I took the original to Chuck Wilson, my amazing recording engineer/producer, and between us we re-mastered this CD and had it printed. Thank you Orion for your work on the cover art! I was an intense week of work on the original, listening to Sid's voice in the studio every day, but wonderful to 'be' with him in that way. I hope you enjoy~*~*~

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Sacred Alchemy, my Beloved, much synchronicity and many surprises!



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