From the beautiful beaches of the Yucatan peninsula to the dry, frozen cold in a few hours - truly amazing! And what I appreciate even more is the energetic connection that we all have across all those miles. I have a new appreciation for our personal energy grids that are echoed in the energy grid of Gaia and throughout the universe (and the powerful energy Node of the Yucatan!). No wonder we have the internet; it's the grid! Once we remember the quantum power of our thoughts, we can be anywhere energetically. Now the physical part; still working on it - and who knows how long it will be until we can actually 'beam' physically anywhere;  how cool will that be?
                                                                                                                                                         Sid used to say (yep, another Sid-ism), that nothing happens in a vacuum; it's all of us energetically together creating the transformation on the planet. Kryon says that less than 1/2 of 1%  of all people uplifting their consciousness is all that is needed to continue to bring light, change and hope to this world. This Season, give someone the gift of your light and also remind someone how important their light is to you, because we all do this together!
My wish for your Year to come: May you greet each day with gratitude, give and receive bountiful love and good health, have unlimited prosperity, believe in your own beauty and uniqueness, and may the love of Spirit fill you up! 
 In the Light and Love of the Divine~ Amber
For most of the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is the first day of winter. As it approaches, I always think of the long, long dark winters of my Alaskan days. There we celebrated the shortest day as the beginning of the new year - regaining the light, slowly, very slowly, but gaining. Up there, in the land of extremes, the closer we got to the Solstice the faster we lost time - in the days towards the 20th it was 9 minutes a day; can you imagine? When we started gaining again, it was still cold, cold, but at least there was daylight- maybe not sunlight yet, but at least daylight. Here, more in the 'middle' of the country is the time change I grew up with, but I still celebrate the beginning of the gaining of light - like a promise of things to come that are lighter. This has become a metaphor for me this year like no other, and I give myself to what is next in this gaining.Have you thought of your New Year's Evolutions yet? I like to call them that because of our ability to evolve ourselves from the swamp of the past into the light and promise of the future. I'm working on mine ('evolutions') and don't have far to look!
Upcoming Events
 Kryon says, "Celebrate 2014!"
I.    January 11   *10:30- 4:30  Lee Carroll/Kryon 
in  Boulder, Colorado            Register here 
(of course, our dear Dr. Todd will pop in for a quick visit)
       II.   January 11   *6- 9 pm                                   Lemurian  Sisterhood Sacred Circle
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Activate your Lemurian DNA, reawaken your Divine Feminine and be initiated into The Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters. We will light the Flame of the Goddess in honor of the Ancient Ones as we become the flame carriers. Join us in sacred ceremony, meditation and Initiation and new traditions!
"The ceremonies you create today will be profound tools of balance for Humanity." Kryon about the Lemurian Sisterhood, 2013
 III.   January 12   * 9-5 pm  Pineal Tones with Dr. Todd
        Join us for ONE wildly transformational day learning advanced sound
        healing and balancing with Dr. Todd's powerful Pineal Toning technique.
        You will build skills for self and global advancement and activation!
        The NEW Tones will be presented and information about the Choirs in
        Mt. Shasta and Uluru and Israel.
                                                                Register here 


 "It's time to reset your mind, body, and spirit to reclaim your true nature with the pineal tones sound healing workshop" Kryon about the Pineal Tones
**Upcoming Kryon and Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars and Sacred Circles
in EDMONTON, AB, SARASOTA, FL, VANCOUVER, BC and SAN ANTONIO, TX  www.kryon.com/schedule  
As this intense, profound and crazy year comes to a close, I will experience my first Christmas without Sid in 15 years; the first of his birthday's and New Year's. Though this year has passed in a flash, it has felt like he is still with me in so many ways and I also feel like 2014 will bring changes. Of course, all of this year, changes have happened in the wave of my grieving process, but somehow facing a New Year without Sid's physical presence seems very daunting today.
When Lee and I were conducting Rubi and Brent's wedding - sunrise on the beach in Cancun, Dec. 6 - Lee began by saying, "the last wedding I performed on a beach was Sid and Amber's; and let me tell you that Sid is here right now, today." Wow- we were all in tears before the ceremony started! And I felt him next to me as I performed my first wedding without him at my side physically...but there is no denying his energy was there.
On the 7th, when I was giving a session in one of the ante-rooms of the Choir ballroom, he showed up again at the end of the session and did some myofascial unwinding on my patient's shoulder. She was seated with her eyes closed after a very profound release of emotions (and inflow of Spirit), very calm - angelic looking. Suddenly and gently her arm started to float up, then across her body, then up, back around - slowly, in a dance, like there was no gravity. When the movement was complete (about 10 minutes), she took a deep breath and opened her eyes wide and asked, "What was that?" I knew what and who it was as soon as she started moving.  I explained and we were both in tears.
There are still as many blessings as there are pains, and the wave can be sudden - or days can go by when I feel almost normal. Normal, except that I am living  alone in a new place that doesn't feel like home; and hopefully that too will shift. I know that Spirit and Sid have my back, as well as the many beautiful Family members who send love, prayers and hugs my way - thank you all again! You give me the courage.
I am off to spend Christmas and New Year's in the desert with Tupe, Janey and Heather (Sid's daughter) - I didn't think I could stay here without Orion and he can't make it. So, when January 10 rolls around, please celebrate with me the life of the beautiful soul we know as Sid. Let's celebrate all of those who have passed into the next part of their journey and send our love and prayers with them, knowing they are still with us - in our hearts and close in spirit. xoxox Amber  

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Sacred Alchemy, my Beloved, much synchronicity and many surprises!



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