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There is nothing like facing devastation and loss that can help  re-evaluate our purpose on the planet. I've had the opportunity to examine that every day since January 10, and since the flooding in this area in September - more opportunity. It seems like every day there are reasons on this planet to despair. In Buddhism there is a saying that when we are born we begin the process of dying. Wow, pretty depressing. Or, do we use that for 'carpe diem?' Do we take risks, like saying what we mean, like loving the unlovable in ourselves and others? Do we step up into the blank spots and volunteer, even when we think that someone else (like the Red Cross) is doing it? Do we pray for those who are hurting, but also those that hurt us? Life is short and uncertain, but also a gift that we have worked hard to get to this. And it's hard to trust that we are going to be OK no matter what - no matter what OK looks like in the moment.
So today, just once today, I invite you to do something out of your comfort zone -because you can't take that with you, either. Do something that will probably make you uncomfortable in the moment - like have a hard conversation, or be incredibly loving and accepting to yourself. Once the moment has passed, there you will be still alive, thriving and knowing that there are no guarantees in this life except that we have it as long as we have it; and it can be a wild ride! Sid used to say, "life is like surfing a tsunami; you can either stay on the crest or be crushed in the trough." Another 'Sid-ism' (smile).
Meanwhile, may you have the best of all things, as you work with the energies of these times, and may we meet in the 3D before too long~ 
 In the Light and Love of Spirit~ Amber
Did you know that even one plant can help filter out many of toxins in our everyday world?  Our computers, printers, carpets, cleaning products, and heating systems, clothing continually give off more or less toxic substances. The good news? Common species of house plants can remove up to 87% of airborne toxins every 24 hours!
Now that Fall is officially here and the leaves and temperature's dropping, we are closing our windows. Our natural filters out doors are going into hibernation, and so are we. But we don't want our immune systems to do so, too! In these next couple of weeks, look at your house plants with new appreciation, perhaps repotting, misting, aerating the soil or cutting back unhealthy growth. And say a big 'thank you' to your partners in health - your trusty house plants!
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  Its not to late to~
              Join us in magical Cancun for the Compassion Choir 
 2013 Compassion Choir and Kryon Gaia Global Consciousness Retreat, with a wonderful Pre-Event  (hosted by Amber!)'Reigniting the Spark of the Crystalline Grid of Gaia.' Share this  week with Family and teachers, healers, Sha-Men and Sha-Women here at one of the power
                                     Nodes of Earth in the Yucatan.
 Kryon says, "Celebrate 2014!"
January 11   *10:30- 4:30  Lee Carroll/Kryon 
in  Boulder, Colorado            Register here 
         January 11   *6- 9 pm                     Lemurian  Sisterhood Sacred Circle
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Activate your Lemurian DNA, reawaken your Divine Feminine and be initiated into The Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters. Come together to light the Flame of the Goddess and in honor of the ancient Ones as we become the flame carriers. Join us in sacred ceremony, meditation and Initiation.
"The ceremonies you create today will be profound tools of balance for Humanity." Kryon about the Lemurian Sisterhood, 2013
January 12   * 9-5 pm  Pineal Tones with Dr. Todd
Join us for ONE wildly transformational day learning advanced sound healing
            and balancing with Dr. Todd's powerful Pineal Toning technique.
           You will build skills for self and global advancement and activation!
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 What Kryon says about the Pineal Tones: 
"It's time to reset your mind, body, and spirit to reclaim your true nature with the pineal tones sound healing workshop"
I ended the fall's travels with Kryon in couple in spiralBaltimore, MD. We had a great Saturday event, then Sunday was the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminar - the full day workshop. During that time - which of course was more 'first times' - I just tried to stay in my body and let the waves of emotion come through me. The first time in Sid's home town, the first time back at his son Cameron's house for a few days, then off to CT to see my sister, again for the first time since Sid's transition...it's still hard, always hard...the 'firsts' are still the hardest. Some days it seems like no time has passed and then it feels like 'how can 10 months have gone by?' And some days I look at his picture and ask him, 'are you done yet? When are you coming back, I miss you.'
One of the blessings is that I continue to have 'visits' from Sid and his transformative energy field. I wanted to share one with you because it keeps me believing in our journey here and hereafter. So, here it is: I was getting acupuncture one day, in my house (yes a house call :) and just floating off into space. I felt myself go into the deep relaxation of the Alpha brainwave, then I must have gone to Theta, because I had  gone to a completely deep, but open place. I heard Sid's voice close to my ear saying , "this is what its like when the Soul leave's the body." He looked up, and I looked up and saw a wispy cloud above like an apostrophe and a comma overlapping, with the word "SOUL" in the middle of it. The cloud and the words just floated there, and so did I. Then suddenly, I was pulled back into my body with a big inner "NO, NOT NOW!" and I sat up, needles and all. What the heck was that?!? I think a part of me was scared that I would float off  forever, so I pulled myself in. What to do with that?
Fortunately, I was on my way to Asheville via Chicago the next day and would see Lee and ask him. There we were in a (terrible) restaurant in the Chicago airport between flights. I thought maybe I should wait till a better time, but the words just started coming out - I needed to know - was I going to join Sid soon on the other side??? Lee put down his fork and the world of the terminal and restaurant faded into a soft blur and he said, "it wasn't time yet,  it was too soon, but now you need to know that the mantel of healing is being passed to you by him; you will know what to do and when" . Wow, not at all what I expected, and I was relieved to know I'd still be here (sometimes I get so dramatic!). Now to just wait and see what shows up; so
far in the past 8 months has been morphing me in ways I couldn't have imagined.
Since this experience, I've had another 'visit' with Sid ~ it was beautiful and powerful, connecting with him through with he called 'the frequency', and he was healing me - my grief, pain, loss. Whatever Spirit's plan is I clearly  don't know what is next, but I'm planning for 2014 and 2015 to continue my work in the world. I will keep doing that until Spirit says otherwise, but in the meantime, miracles keep unfolding. Even miracles don't replace my beloved in this physical world, but I do feel the opportunity for balance. Being of this world and not in it - is this what that means? I am loved supported and blessed by so many here, and my beloved from wherever he is ~*~*~I am grateful~*~*

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Sacred Alchemy, my Beloved, much synchronicity and many surprises!



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