Hello dear Ones~
We are six months into 'The Year of Recalibration', as Kryon calls it; along with being called the Year of Full Moons, and the Year of Retrograde - what do think so far? Kryon also said the we need to 'take a vacation' from things this years, and just BE in the recalibration - I'm wondering if we have a choice? Am I being factious or sarcastic? Perhaps a bit of both, for surly my life is 'recalibrating' by the day, since the beginning of the year. 
In my research for this newsletter, I went to trusty dictionary-dot-com to find the linear definition for recalibration, and guess what? It doesn't exist there, neither on an alternate dictionary website. I could find 'calibrate':  "to adjust or measure (an instrument or electronic circuit) to a standard frequency." It would stand that to 're' calibrate, would be to do it again. It seems we are in a new, yet undefined place of frequency where there isn't a standard. Its a new dawn, and frankly after the intensity of 2012, I'm glad of it, but it takes some getting used to...every day.
As I plan for the rest of this year of enormous change and growth (and next year) I can't help but wonder, will my plans be in Universal harmony? I'm listening for the feedback from my dear inner voice, the feeling in my belly, and the voices of the Ones that guide me on this journey of Awakening.
Do you feel like we will emerge from this year as a different set of Beings? Perhaps we will have a new and different set of Guides - those energies that are helping us through this human experiment. Let's intend, affirm and co-create with 'grace and ease'. 
Meanwhile, may you have the best of all things, as you work with the energies of these times, and may we meet in the 3D before too long~ 
 In the Light and Love of Spirit~ Amber
buddhaeyes ~ Let Your LIVER Tell You Something ~
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver dictates the body's energy flow or chi (pronounced 'chee'). The liver channels or meridians, end in our eyes, so when we use our eyes a lot - like looking at a computer screen for hours at a time - stagnation results. Liver chi stagnation can lead to all sorts of symptoms, such as anger, mood swings, constipation, or pain on the sides of the body. You don't have to run out and get acupuncture ("but it couldn't hurt"), you can simply close your eyes - an easy fix! Yes, start with closing your eyes for  3-5 minutes at least every 2 hours and work up to 10-15.  Beware of this side effect, though - you may find yourself peacefully meditating (smile) and then there's that happy liver!
Upcoming Events

August 24-25 Kryon 2 Day event, Asheville, NC Kryon Asheville, NC, 12-6 pm  
Aug 24  Lee Carroll/Kryon and special guest Bethi Black,
          with Dr. Amber Wolf, 7-9 pm
Aug 25  PRACTICE AKASHIC POWER (all new program!) Lee Carroll and Dr. Amber Wolf
Aug 31 Lee Carroll/Kryon with special guest,  Dr. Amber Wolf, from 12-6 pm
        Washington, DC area   Kryon DC
SEPT 1  SPECIAL  Lemurian Sisterhood Event LS logo
September 1  In the beautiful Washington, DC area, experience a day filled with the  Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisterhood. Initiations, activations, meditations and awakenings and more. *An extra blessing - the lighting of the Flame of Avalon Goddess Candle, from Glastonbury Tor. Each Sister becomes a Keeper of the Flame by the end of our day.     
SEPT 21  (another!)  VERY SPECIAL 
Lemurian Sisterhood Event
 September 21  Plan to spend the FALL EQUINOX at the Lemurian Sisterhood event here in COLORADO SPRINGS! Experience a day filled with the Sacredness of the Sisterhood. Initiations, activations, meditations and awakenings will fill our day. Be present for the lighting of the *Flame of Avalon Goddess Candle, the first one in Colorado, which will  be yours to take away with you. Each Sister becomes a Keeper of the Flame by the end of our day.  Time a place to be announced~ I will be staying through Monday to see patients. Please stayed tuned  for details.
Before I been creating a new Newsletter, I  reread the last one to see where I left off. So much has shifted since then, and of course, that I couldn't have imagined (good thing, too!).
My summer has been full of travels with Lee and Kryon around the country, seeing many of my couple in spiraldear friends for 'the first time since' Sid's transition...its still hard, always hard...the 'firsts' are hardest, like the first Discovery without Sid, the first kayaking season.  I know we grieve together but we also rejoice together for his liberation and the new incarnation that is waiting for him.  He always said about being on earth, "this is not our home." I continue to ride the wave of all these changes. They have left me feeling very vulnerable, of course, but somehow also much fear-less, which is the pearl of great price.
As for the things of this dimension, I am resettled in Longmont, with a very sweet energy home office, and walking trails very close. I'm in Meadowview subdivision, which is very convenient but is also a huge adjustment after years of commuting from the relative wilderness.
My new mantra is: SPIRIT HAS A PLAN ~ this is something I can definitely get behind when I am feeling strong, and in the other times when I don't have a clue, I keep chanting it until I can breathe again. Its all about trust, or not, as is the case.
As for my Beloved in his quantum-ness; we continue to connect in ways that surprise me, but always bless me with energy and initiations, which are entangling, weaving together into the tapestry of this surprising life. I am grateful every day for the blessings, healings and connections that continue.
You can reach me on my cell phone (303-579-4114)  or office phone
(303-774-9525), so please be in touch. Thank you again for the Love~*~*~*

Stay tuned for my new website www.SacredEnergyAlchemy.com, which is sea





















in its new incarnation from the Phoenix Healing Center one.

















This is been guided in the creative process by the beautiful energy of 




















Sacred Alchemy, my Beloved, much synchronicity and many surprises!



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