Dear Ones~
Thank you for your continuing connections; your prayers and love in my/our direction.  In this "Year of Full Moons" as Kryon has called it (the Feb/Atlanta channel), I am trying to roll with the waves and expand my flexibility. Challenging at best, I can smile knowing that Spirit carries me in Her arms. I am seeing patients (of mine and Sid's) in my new home in Longmont -where, of course his energy is still very present. I am also travelling again with Lee (and the Lemurian Sisterhood)beginning in June, in New Jersey and then Discovery in Mt. Shasta (with Dr. Todd and Pineal Tones), then on to Billings, MT.
Meanwhile, dear Ones, my prayer is that our paths in the 3D keep crossing, and that our vibrational selves meet every night to dance amongst the stars!
 In the Light and Love of Spirit~ Amber
When changes (that seem to be uninvited and continuous), are all over me, the only way I've been able to 'surf the tsunami' and remain upright, is to find where my balance is. I  know when there is a lack of balance; a plethora of things happen. Usually I get sick, or I'm not sleeping, or I get depressed, eat too much chocolate... you know the drill. Why is it so easy to get to that place? I'm not very good at noticing when the swing toward imbalance begins, but I know when I'm at the bottom.
And why is it easy to take care of ourselves when we feel good? Then when we need it the most, we stop doing all those things? This is a mystery to me, and one that I will keep examining with you on MANIFEST YOUR MISSION, a free teleseminar that I am co-hosting with Cheryl Siverton, the Kryon host in Vancouver/Victoria for these past 18 years. We're going to have a huge list of speakers; 24 in all, with our dear friend LEE CARROLL opening the program, followed by  other Kryon team members and some special guests. Stay tuned for the link as we get closer to May 5, our start date!
Upcoming Events

June 7-8 Kryon 2 Day event, Totowa, NJ  Kryon Totowa, NJ
June 7  Lee Carroll and special guest Bethi Black
June 7  from 7-9 pm Introduction to THE SACRED CIRCLE of the
       LEMURIAN  SISTERHOOD with Dr. Amber Wolf
June 8  PRACTICE the AKASH (all new program!) Lee Carroll and Dr. Amber Wolf
June 20 disco2013 
At Lake Siskiyou (changed from from McCloud Falls).You can experience the life changing energy of Shasta! Lake Siskiyou is stunning and it is a flat walk, there is an amphitheater for the channel time, there is a beach, a lake, a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta, a 5 minutes car ride, or a 30 minute trail walk from the Lodge. There is also a flat trail around the Lake, which we will take participants on who wish to. We will meet at 1 pm at the Lodge and plan to spend 3-4 hours. Lake Siskiyou Campground info: 
June 21-23
DISCOVERY MT SHASTA an Interactive Retreat, featuring the profound core teaching of Kryon. Facilitated by Lee Carroll, Dr. Amber Wolf, and Bethi Black, and the MAGIC of SHASTA! If you've always wanted to come to Discovery, and you've always wanted to experience Mt. Shasta, this is it! Discovery Shasta
Dr. Todd and the Pineal Tones are coming to Mt. Shasta! This will be a qualifying rehearsal for the Compassion Choir in Cancun in December, 2013, Monday, after Discovery, in the same venue. THIS will be the  ONLY ONE DAY REHEARSAL available all year. Here is what KRYON just said about the Tones: Compassion/Lemurian Tones


Learn more about it here: Pineal Tones Creation

Registration Here: Pineal Tones Shasta

There are two participant fees:    

$150.00 past participants $175.00 1st time participants



June 29-30  Kryon 2 Day, Billings, MT Kryon Billings, MT
June 29    Lee Carroll and special guest Bethi Black
June 29      7-9 pm Introduction to the SACRED CIRCLE of the
                        LEMURIAN SISTERHOOD with Dr. Amber Wolf
June 30    PRACTICE THE AKASH (all new program!) Lee Carroll and Dr.Amber
Each month has a different energy as I transitionthrough them. The shock of Sid's passing has lessened, but I am still very much aware of the hole in the Universe that he left. Our office in Old Town Longmont is now closed, I have a new place to live and work (in Longmont) and I just returned from Tucson and selling our RV...that was hard. Sid loved the sun, and it was our get-away from the Colorado winter. Next is the sale of our home, which is still waiting for the perfect person to steward it into its next life. Of course, the reconfiguring of my life is happening along with all of this.
Never having dcouple in spiralone this particular journey, I am often baffled at what to do next, or overwhelmed with emotion, and sometimes really feel and understand the blessings of a rich life, shared with an inspiring person who is still so close and helps me in so many ways. Can I complain? Yes, and I do - sometimes with four letter words - but mostly I am coming to an understanding that this physical life is so small compared to the multi-faceted other planes of existence, and we can be so connected to that. This is one of the gifts Sid gave me; his being in the non-physical has connected me to him in a way that is greater than anything personal we had. And our soul connection goes back eons and multiple times, where we gave each other our lives and our love for the growth of our souls...and here it is again. I wish I could remember those other times; it might make this easier. But when I doubt, some little syncronicity happens and I smile and trust again. 
My cell phone (303-579-4114)  and home phones (303-823-6600) are the ones now, so please be in touch. Thank you again for the Love~*~*~*
NOT EXACTLY DINNER CONVERSATION, but Phosphatidylserine has come up twice in the past two days, so I started wondering why? The folks at Vitamin Cottage aren't usually so forward about advertising a specific supplement at the register, so I started reading. The supplement companies have a lot to say about the benefits of "PS", but they are selling it. Wikipedia was lots more unbiased. Different companies on the site Iherb  say: "PS protects the brain form the damaging effect of chronic stress (by reducing the negative impact of cortisol), supports our ability to access short and long-term memory, learning ability, the release  of uptake neurotransmitters, enhancing communication between cells, the production and release of dopamine, and helps restore the body's circadian rhythms". Sounds amazing! I am seeing that some of the supplements say they contain soy, but other than that, its more research time. I asked my acupuncturist and she gave a big YES to its memory enhancing abilities...I'm feeling that would be perfect for me right now.
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