Dear Ones~ I wanted to let you know that on February 28 at 4 pm I am having a private Buddist ceremony, for Sid, here at our home. It is called the 49th Day Ceremony, and was suggested by a friend and neighbor who is a practicing Buddist. At first I didn't like the feeling of buddacowbay saying this 'good bye' as the ceremony suggests, but endeavor to embrace the unlimited possibilities for what is next for the Spirit of our dear Sid, which are infinite! I am happy to contribute my energy to this part of his journey, as he gave to mine so lovingly for our years together-and still does :)
I would be honored if you would 'tune in' energetically and join us. Here is the intention that the person creating the ceremony sent to me:
"The nature and intention of the ceremony is to support the letting go of Sid's consciousness to his worldly  past and to support us in releasing our emotional bond to his worldly time with us. It also has an element of celebrating the inherent goodness to our journey together and apart, in this world and beyond. It is an expression of the sacredness and goodness of it all and our personal path is one of opening our hearts consequently can be quite inclusive. So in that vein, please include friends and family that might benefit from this and can participate in inviting Sid to continue on his journey in love and support."
As the busy days unfold since Sid's passing, I feel the connection of his loving Spirit. In one day I go through a wave of physical and emotional experiences; I call on him, yell at him for leaving me, and pray for him, wherever he is. Closing and moving our office would be intense at any time (like it was only a year ago), but this year, I just go through the motions with the unwavering support of my dear Sisters~ thank you so much. At the end of February, the office phone will be forwarded to my cell (303-579-4114) until my new office is open.
I am filled with gratitude for all the love that comes my way from so many of you~ to both Sid and I. I don't have a point of reference for this journey, but I fully trust that I am somehow sheltered and cared for by that love. The surreal nature of this seemingly impossible time is balanced by that same love. I don't feel very brave, most of the time, but I do feel tethered to a safe harbor of friends and Family, and then I feel blessed.
My deeply heartfelt thanks~*~ Amber