"Life is but a dream...
Dear Ones~ today marks the one month anniversary of Sid's passing. I wanted to share with you this picture from his Life Celebration because it truly represents so many of the beautiful facets of a life fully lived. I introduced Sid to kayaking the summer after his 70th birthday and he took right to it, so much so that he went on to teach many of you the joys of paddling on the lakes in Colorado and Wyoming. (Even the Buddha on the left is wearing Sid's favorite kayaking hat!)
His Life Celebration was filled with laughter, tears and all of us getting to know previously unknown parts of Sid's very full life. Many of you who couldn't be present physically told me that you were 'tuning in' during the service - we could feel you. And we could feel Sid's sweet presence wrapping us all together into one great big family of love. 
Sid Kayak 

Though I know that every human life has it's up and downs, Sid's lived such a full and varied, spiritually-based life, as to be an inspiration to so many. (I hope that someday someone will say that about me - smile) He continues to fill me with the strength and inspiration that I need to get through these days, as my human life is challenged by the changes unfolding. One thing remains constant, though; I know that all I have to do is ask, to be present to his Spirit and to the Spirit he is becoming, to feel a love and a peace greater than anything I have ever known. He is as 'close as a heartbeat', I feel him (and have had amazing affirmations of his presence), and I have communion and communication with the other side of the veil in a way I never knew possible, and that helps me to heal.
All of this is heartbreakingly bitter-sweet, but there is a strength and freedom in knowing that he is expanding into his grandest self and we all have that opportunity, now or later. And that he is still here, just different - very different, in this dream we call being human.
I wish to thank again, the continuous love and caring of my Sisters,  my son Orion, and the Wolf Pack, during this time, and all of you who are sending love; please know that I feel it all, and appreciate all of it, and it helps. Every day is different - sometimes every moment - as I ride the wave of my humanity and spirit.
With the tenderest love, Amber
ATLANTA ~ February 16-18, 2013 
As I live this life more fully in the Spirit, I continue to travel with Lee Carroll, Kryon and the Lemurian Sisterhood. I will be in Atlanta, Feb. 16-18 for a two day Lee/Kryon event.
Saturday night, Feb. 16, the Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle will meet after dinner to welcome the a potent transmission of Divine Feminine Energy. 
Please join us for 2 hours, dear Sisters, as this portal opens past connections to Lemurian lives that will
validate and empower your present life. There is a $20 donation suggested for the evening event.
I look forward to sharing this profound energy with you. ~ Amber

Many of you have asked about my healing practice; I am now seeing patients in Longmonnt, at the Dome Home in Lyons, and also on Skype and by phone.
  I am will be in Colorado all of  March and April, and am
available to schedule with you then.    
Phone numbers, emails an websites will remain the same for now. xo     

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