The News of Sid's Transition
It is with the deepest sadness that I write to tell you of Sid's passing on January 10, 2013.  He hadn't been feeling his usual self for a few days, but thought he might have the flu. When we finally went to the ER on Thursday morning, theSid doctors told him that he had had a mild heart attack the week before. But our Sid lived  life on his terms, working until the day before he passed.  Once he was in the hospital it was just a matter of a few hours and he didn't suffer. He was even joking with his night nurse (in his typical way) just moments before his heart gave out.
Naturally we are all grieving his loss deeply, but I also feel him very close, and others have reported having 'visits' or messages from Sid. He touched us all with his love, healing, humor and wisdom. The world (my world) has lost a beautiful being, but our lives have been enriched by the time we spent with him. I am blessed not only to have had almost 15 years with Sid in my life, I am  also surrounded by a loving family and kind words and prayers from so many. I know my life will change drastically, but he will always be with me helping me to find the grace I will need.
I am blessed to go through these first days of this transition with the invaluable assistance of dearest sisters and my son. As most of you know, Lee and Kryon were in town this past weekend and there was a very special channel about Sid's crossing (and future!) This isn't published on the Kryon website, but is private for me to share. Kryon's message
There will be a memorial service to celebrate his life this Saturday at 1 pm at the Alhberg's Chapel, 326 Terry St., Longmont. Following the service will be a reception at Dicken's Opera House on 3rd and Main from 3-5:30. Please visit to see online condolences and service information.
In lieu of flowers, if you feel so moved you can make donations towards the services or to the Sid Wolf Memorial Fund
I leave you, for now, with these lyrics from a favorite song of Sid's, by dear friend, Tupelo Kenyon :
"And even this will pass away, like this life itself someday
And all that we take with us is the love we gave away."