Having recently returned from Paradise to the Frozen North, I can emphatically say that each moment in Maui was stunning - wherever you were at 12/21/2012 together our energy was lighting up the planet; what a celebration! We made it!! Here's a picture link for you to enjoy: Lemurian Choir.

My Lemurian Sisterhood/Brotherhood event Tues. the 18th, with over 350 in attendance, was more than I could have ever imagined! I facilitated the activation of the  Lemurian Seed Crystals that we came to this life with, connecting our hearts and hara's to the energy of the New Earth. Thank you Maia Kshemya of Samjjama for your divine musical contribution, Hariata Hema (of New Zealand)  for opening the evening with your  Call of the Ancients, Peggy Dubro for your loving introduction and Dr. Todd (Anders and Marc) for the closing our evening with the 'whales' he is so famous for! It was an unforgettable evening under the stars and a beautiful beginning to the Choir event.

Thank you from the depth of my heart to my personal crew, Rubi Hendricks and sister Abi Avecedo for their pure dedication to not only my event, but their devotion to the entire Choir event, along with amazing Mary Kennedy and a host of wonderful volunteers (shout out to the J'ville Discovery gang Gail, our Edmonton host and MaryEllen and Len!), Kauhana Kaleiiliahi Elan, Intai, and a year's worth of preparation that made it all happen.

Lastly, I'm sending you this juciy link to play in and celebrate the New Year with for hours and see how blessed we are! We hope to see MANY of you at the Kryon Boulder event on January 13, 2013; what a way to start the New Year together, dear Family!

May 2013 bring you a deeping experience of the Love of Spirit that you are~*~*Amber & Sid



JOIN Lee Carroll & Kryon as we celebrate

~ 2013 ~



We survived all the 2012 doom and gloom - now what? What does Kryon say about what the next 18 years will bring?

Do changing weather patterns signal something unexpected?

Could human evolution be related to earth changes? Is there proof?

Why are there so many revolutions all over the globe?

Is humanity evolving or is it going down the tubes?

What is a "time fractal," anyway? Does it affect you spiritually?

The Power of DNA ~ 

Is DNA changing? Lee brings an addendum to his latest book, "The Twelve Layers of DNA" with some hard physics and revelations about what actually might be in our DNA.

Intensive five hour lecture with LIVE

Kryon Channellings!

Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013 1pm-6:30pm  $95

Registration begins 11am-Doors open Noon

Marriott Hotel

2660 Canyon Boulevard

Boulder, CO Information and Registration 





Hosts: Dr. Amber and Dr. Sid Wolf, 303-774-9525

Registration questions: Rubi Hendricks 970-389-4200

***SPECIAL PRESENTATION BY Bethi Black of Human Design with workshop on Monday night***

see complete Human Design information below.

HD An Introduction to The Human Design System:
Strategies for Living Your Unique Life and Purpose

Imagine what your life would be like if you could:

Attain an awareness of your authentic self, and reveal your unique purpose in life.

Uncover life-long patterns and conditioning that blocks you from living your true purpose!

Get a functional strategy for staying connected to your truth, decision by decision, moment to moment.

Get information that is specific to you only and your genetics!

Be empowered to love yourself, and live YOUR unique life.

Live true understanding, harmony, and compassion when interacting with others!

Human Design is the first tool that reveals your conscious and unconscious self, accurately and powerfully, in a practical and logical way. There's simply nothing like it!


Bethi Black is Assistant Director of the International Human Design School and editor of the new book, The Definitive Book of Human Design. She has worked with the Human Design System since 2001 and is a Certified Human Design Analyst & Teacher. Prior to her discovery of Human Design, she had an extensive background in various systems of self-discovery and counseling. She currently resides in Pocatello, ID, and travels throughout the U.S. teaching groups, training Human Design analysts and guides, and mentoring individuals and families.


Monday January 14th - 6 to 9 pm, $65

Location: Francie's house (please call for directions 303-588-7716)

Individual 60-minute Reading (recorded; scheduled after the workshop or before): $125
Special price for workshop and reading combined: $160
** If you would like a printed copy of your individual chart for the workshop, email your birth date, birth time and place to   




MT. sHASTA? ALWAYS wanted to go to DISCOVERY??? WANT TO CONNECT WITH ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING ENERGY PORTALS ON OUR CONTINENT? HERE IT IS! Plus BONUS day at McCloud Falls on Thursday, June 20th Walk along the ley line of sacred Native ground that connects Mt. Shasta to Lake Shasta! As part of the NEW Discovery, we have a day of meeting as the LEMURIAN SISTERHOOD AND BROTHERHOOD!! Come this year to beautiful, energetically amazing Mt Shasta. June 21-23, 2013. For details of all days visit: DISCOVERY MT SHASTA 2013  

Thank you again, dear ones for the blessings you bring to our lives through your healing. 
Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf                                                     
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