Having just returned from a beautiful time in South America (Argentina and Chile), I am re-packing for Maui and the Lemurian events there. This, as you know is not a vacation life, its working travel and I am a road warrior (goddess) and my travelling smart continues to be a refining art form. I miss husband and my home especially with the holidays coming up. But I'll be home for Christmas and the wedding that is taking place here; yep, Scott (the guitarist son) is marrying his long time love, Wendy, here in the dome in front of the Christmas tree, with dad doing the ceremony. Sweet, eh? I expect to return to 'decked halls' as the kids create their wedding bower in the living room...sigh...they grow up so fast!
When I woke at 3 am today, my brain immediately busy with the details of leaving early (and the un-done details that will have to wait) I worried that I wouldn't get enough sleep to make it through the long day of travel ahead. Out of nowhere a lullabye, that I used to sing to Orion, came into my mind, "You can relax now, come on and close your eyes, breathe deeply now...I am with you. You are the love of my life, you are my one creation, you are a child of God, and that will never change". breathe rock I hear the music in the version in my head, but I can feel my Angels around me. I take another deep breath and repeat as I drift off into that peaceful place. So I offer you, my dear friends, those words of affirmation and healing. I encourage you to take just a moment to read them and feel them. Let the love flood through you, relax into the arms of Spirit and be at peace and enjoy happy, healthy holidays, filled with grace, abundance and blessings.
In of Love & Light of Spirit~ Amber & Sid 




MAUI, Hawaii Dec 18, 2012
LemurianSisterhood Maui

We begin the Lemurian Choir Event with the SACRED CIRCLE of the Lemurian Sisterhood by the sea in Maui! You must register separately to attend the Circle. The information and registration link  is LIVE at LSMauiSacredCircle.  Don't miss this Sisters, this is the way to begin the amazing celebration of the Choir Event!



Lee Carroll and Kryon in Boulder, Jan 13, 2013 "We survived 2012, now what?" Information and Registration 

**And Human Design workshop with Bethi Black on Monday, 1-14 (see details below)


KRYON DISCOVERY SERIES June 21-23, 2013 You've always wanted to come to DISCOVERY and you've always want to come to MT SHASTA - now you can do both ! Plus BONUS day at McCloud Fall on Thursday, June 20th! Come this year - to beautiful, energetically amazing MT. SHASTA, CA. For details of all days visit: DISCOVERY MT SHASTA 2013 

HD An Introduction to The Human Design System:
Strategies for Living Your Unique Life and Purpose

Imagine what your life would be like if you could:

Attain an awareness of your authentic self, and reveal your unique purpose in life.

Uncover life-long patterns and conditioning that blocks you from living your true purpose!

Get a functional strategy for staying connected to your truth, decision by decision, moment to moment.

Get information that is specific to you only and your genetics!

Be empowered to love yourself, and live YOUR unique life.

Live true understanding, harmony, and compassion when interacting with others!

Human Design is the first tool that reveals your conscious and unconscious self, accurately and powerfully, in a practical and logical way. There's simply nothing like it!


Bethi Black is Assistant Director of the International Human Design School and editor of the new book, The Definitive Book of Human Design. She has worked with the Human Design System since 2001 and is a Certified Human Design Analyst & Teacher. Prior to her discovery of Human Design, she had an extensive background in various systems of self-discovery and counseling. She currently resides in Pocatello, ID, and travels throughout the U.S. teaching groups, training Human Design analysts and guides, and mentoring individuals and families.


Saturday January 12th - 1 to 4 pm, $65

Location: Francie's house (please call for directions 303-588-7716)

Individual 60-minute Reading (recorded; scheduled after the workshop or before): $125
Special price for workshop and reading combined: $160
** If you would like a printed copy of your individual chart for the workshop, email your birth date, birth time and place to   


Thank you again, dear ones for the blessings you bring to our lives through your healing. 
Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf                                                     
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