Now the the Fall Equinox has come and gone, are you feeling more in balance? We've had our share of typical Fall Colorado weather - one day 80, the next day 40 - but I don't know about balance!sid

As you are reading, notice if you are breathing deeply and fully, then notice if you are sitting with your spine nice and tall. This is how I check my balance. Then there's my facial muscles; are you clenching or squinting? Its interesting to me that we are all more of less safe...roof over our heads, warm (or cool), enough food, and yet we can be in stress and out of balance.

Does your life feel like a tightrope sometimes? And feeling the stress of that imaginary tightrope, does it get better? Do you ever feel like "leap and the net will appear"? We usually don't have enough trust and faith unless we are desperate. How about finding the balance between desperation and leaping; a place of balance where we can be trusting enough to let our inner voice be our guide, not our inner fears. This is a beautiful place of balance between the heart and the mind; we have both but we forget to use them together, as part of the beautiful symphony of our creation.

When you go forth in your world today, let your heart and mind create the harmony that you need - create a whole symphony orchestra and then have a concert!

In the Light of Love & Spirit~ Amber & Sid 




Sunday, Oct 14, 7 pm 

Don't miss this FREE Musical Event! If you are close to us in Colorado, please come by for a wonderful evening of uplifting, energetic, original and FUN music by our dear friends LAUGHING BIRD aka Tupelo and Janey Kenyon. I met these talented folks 30 (yep, really) years ago in Fairbanks and we've been dear friends ever since! They are here for one night at SOLAR YOGA in Prospect (see info under "We're having a party"). Some of you may have seen Laughing Bird perform at the Summer Light Conference in Sedona in years past. It'll be a great evening and remember, its a FREE performance (of course donations are always gratefully Come for the afternoon, or just for the performance!


  UP COMING Lemurian Sisterhood Initiation Seminars 


lemsis A SACRED prophecy was given to Dr. Amber Wolf to share with women everywhere: to reawaken the Circles of Healing that women practiced many lifetimes ago in Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Pleiades and beyond. She has been entrusted with the ancient knowledge of 7 Levels of Initiation in the Sisterhood of the New Lemuria, and continues to receive revealing transmissions of love and guidance from the Heart of the Divine Cosmos.


Tucson, AZ, Oct 27, Kryon Host, Marilyn Phillips,  welcomes the  Sisterhood to Arizona. Rregister here  or call Marilyn at 530-663-1864

Argentina & Chile from Nov 15 - Dec 3, "The 6 City Tour", with our wonderful host, Barbara Partarrieu.We begin in Resistencia, AR and finish in Santiago de Chile.

Dec 18, MAUI, Hawaii 

We begin the Lemurian Choir Event with a SACRED CIRCLE by the sea of LEMURIA, The registration/information link is LIVE at LSMauiSacredCircle.  There you will find lots of juicy details about this event and celebration! Sisters, if you'll be in Maui, please join us for this auspicious beginning to the Choir Event!


Areas for 2013 include: Seattle, Maryland/Philly, Mt. Shasta/Florida/Michigan


If you think you would like to host a 2013 Lemurian Sisterhood Initiation Seminar, please contact Rubi Hendricks or 970-389-4200 and she will happily send you a host information packet. 


For more information and register for the events through the


Even though its not on the Kryon website yet, the next DISCOVERY SERIES will is scheduled for June 21-23, 2013 at beautiful and energetically amazing MT. SHASTA, CA. If you've always wanted to come to
DISCOVERY this is the year!!  DISCOVERY MT SHASTA 2013 
Thank you again, dear ones for the blessings you bring to our lives through your healing. And for all your kindnesses. We are happily enjoying our new office and look forward to sharing the space with you!
 Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf
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