Just when I was feeling so wilted by the baking hot days here in Colorado, along came a fresh breeze...Hayley, Baby Lyla's mom, wrote me including new pictures. Did this come in direct (energetic) response to the many who asked me in Sedona about her progress? Of course! And for those of you who don't know the Miracle of Baby Lyla (at the Feb. Vancouver Lee/Amber event), its going up on my website so you can catch up.

BabyLylaEspecially when it seems that our whole country have a weather 'fever', its great to be reminded of the light that we can witness and create. Here's mom's email : 


Hi Amber, I hope this finds you well and enjoying a sunny and bright start to summer.
I'm writing to share some wonderful news!  All the thoughts, prayers, energy and well wishes being sent Lyla's way are working!  She had another EEG and we met with her neurologist last week - she's doing incredibly well.  The scan shows no sign of seizures so we are weening her off medication.  Better still, her gross motor skills are developing right on schedule - she doesn't have one weaker side, or any abnormal muscle tone.  She's doing all the things a baby her age should be doing and the doctor said if she didn't have an MRI showing the damage, she wouldn't know Lyla had suffered a stroke at all.  We are over the moon, BURSTING with happiness!  I well up just writing this to you!


The doctors are still quick to caution us that it's early and she's still at risk for fine motor deficiencies, speech problems, and learning disabilitiesWe won't know until she's older.  Regardless, we've cleared a major hurdle.  She won't be in a wheelchair!  Besides, we feel in our hearts she will continue to surprise everyone.  She's such a happy, cheerful, bright and inquisitive baby.  We absolutely adore her and will continue to surround her with love and optimism.

Please share our good news and grateful thanks with any of your community who have been following her story.  Through the haze of those first few days there are some crystal clear memories, and one is our meeting with you.  We remember all of the thoughts and comments your group shared with us when we were on stage and I think of them often.  Someone said her favorite color would be peach, so I dress her in that color often (and it looks great on her!).  Another said she could see her running through a field as a your girl - I visualize that often.  Another man told us to love her and channel that love through our hands to her heart - I do that all the time. Someone else said she's already healed and I believe it's true!

We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us and shared with us.
Sending sincere thanks and well wishes to you too, Hayley


And I personally want to thank you Lee for the opportunity to touch the lives of our spiritual Family. There is unlimited power in listening to the voice of Spirit; when we do miracles can and do happen!


Living in the Light of Spirit~ Amber & Sid 

Kryon/Practice Quantum is in McCaysville, GA! Lee and I will be at the Delphi University, July 7-8. I will be staying for treatment sessions and priviate Sisterhood Initiations on Monday. 


In addition to this tremendous weekend, Saturday evening after the Kryon Channel,(7:30-9 pm), I will facilitate The Lemurian Sisterhood: Introduction to the Sacred Circle This is an extraordinary opportunity to meet in the 2012 Portal of Galactic Alignment, the love and support of the Kryon energy and the power of the Lemurian Sisterhood reawakening withlemsisin us!
For more information about the revelation of the Lemurian Sisterhood to me (on 9-9-11) or more general information, please visit the Lemurian Sisterhood website. I will follow this same format in INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 28-29) 


Here is the most updated list of Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars. Each one will include 3 levels of Initiation into the ancient Sisterhood and Sacred Circle. The Lemurian Spirit leads us together to awaken, honor and empower our Divine Feminine. For complete seminar description, see the schedule page. The Initiation Seminars are only $75. On my weekends with Lee Carroll and Kryon I will facilitate a by-donation "Introduction to the Sacred Circle" Sat. evenings. In areas where a Seminar is scheduled, a FREE evening "Introduction to the Sacred Circle" will be offered. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.  
The Lemurian Sisterhood CD, Spiral Initiation will be available at these events. This is the only Initiation available to the pubic by CD.


~Salem, MA 7-8 Free Introduction to the Sacred Circle Sept 7. Register here
~Boulder, CO Sept 22 (at the Star House, Boulder) YOU ASKED FOR IT, locals!
I will be joined by Diana Keck, MA of "Diana's Dream" and Beth Black** Register here


~Victoria/Vancouver, Oct 13 , Host Rita MachioroRegister at, or 604-928-0934


~Tucson, AZ, Oct 27, Kryon Host Marilyn Phillips
~Sarasota, FL Nov 3, Kryon Host Adriana Jacobson
~Argentina & Chile from Nov 15, Kryon Host Barbara Partarrieu
Areas for 2013 include: Seattle, Maryland/Philly, and Mt. Shasta
We are looking for hosts for 2013 Seminars, so if you or someone you know is interested please contact me.


For more information and register for the events through the
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**As a 'special bonus' Beth Black, of Human Design, will give a short presentation at several of our events, on Saturday, and Sunday will be available for a full day of learning the beautiful tools of Human Design. more info, see below
...and since we are talking schedules here...guess what?! The next Kryon DISCOVERY SERIES will be June 2013 at beautiful and energetically amazing MT. SHASTA, CA!! If you've always wanted to come to DISCOVERY this is the year!!
Thank you again, dear ones for the blessings you bring to our lives through your healing. And for all your kindnesses. We are happily enjoying our new office and look forward to sharing the space with you!
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**As a 'special bonus' Beth Black, Human Design Teacher & Analyst, will give a 1/2 hour presentation on Saturday and a full workshop on Sunday to explore the beautiful and profound tools of The Human Design System. A synthesis of ancient and modern systems (Astrology, The I'Ching, The Kaballah, The Chakra system, Quantum Physics, Bio-Genetics and more) Human Design is a unique tool for awakening to our authentic, compassionate and loving selves. Lee Carroll and Barbra Dillinger call it the 'New Astrology' and system that will carry us into the future. HD provides us with a unique genetic map of how our energy is truly designed to function and weave with the energy of others, and what our true purpose in life is that only we can provide to humanity and the planet.  To receive a copy of your FREE chart in advance of Saturday's Lemurian Sisterhood workshop, please contact Beth at Sunday's workshop will be an experiential journey into the background of Human Design and an initiatory look at the charts of all of the participants.  You will discover your strategy for making decisions from your own inner authority, and how to step out of the conditioning field of those around you. Discover the true and unique you! $75 (for more details - contact For more information about The Human Design System please visit