With an amazing and miraculous Kryon weekend behind me, and Dallas ahead of me - it is obvious that since 2012 the energy is supercharged! To illustrate, I want to share a poignant story with you that unfolded in Vancouver this past weekend.


During our beautiful seminar,  I was approached by a participant who told me of a young family that just celebrated the birth of a baby girl. Mom and baby appeared to be fine. However, the next day as they were about to be discharged from the hospital, the baby had a seizure. Alarmed, the doctor's whisked the baby away to administer emergency treatment. An MRI revealed that the baby had suffered a stroke in both hemispheres of the  brain. The doctors and the parents were shocked and confused since there had been no indication of anything abnormal; baby Lila had appeared to be a healthy, normal, sweet newborn. Considering her prognosis, the doctor's have widely varying opinions, and although at this time she was eating, sleeping and reacting normally, there still remains 2 dark spots on her brain MRI.


The person who had informed me of the families plight asked ask if I could see the baby for a healing session. Although my schedule was already full, I nevertheless said 'yes', trusting that there would be an opening for her. Lila's mother, Hailey, called me the next morning and left me a grateful, appreciative and tearful message, thankful that I would make the time to treat the baby. Before I returned her call, I sat and prayed for guidance asking,  "Spirit, what do you want me to do?" I immediately heard a vocie answering, saying, "tell them to come here". When I called Hailey inviting her to bring the baby that afternoon, she tearfully answered that the entire family would be there. This sweet family has been through so much.


When the family arrived, I was deeply touched by their vulnerablity. While the seminar continued inside,  I sat with them in the hotel lobby explaining at length about the seminar and Lee Carroll and my healing work. While we spoke, I administered cranial sacral therapy and energy healing on baby Lila. I told the parents that Spirit had made it clear to me that the whole  family should receive the healing power of the entire group inside.

The family, desperate for any help, readily agreed. I had previously shared the family's crisis with Lee, and that I had been inspired to use the group's healing energy for them. I had also told the seminar participants that I had a surprise for them in the afternoon.


During the next break in the seminar, I escorted the family to chairs at the side of the stage, out of the participant's ready view. When everyone returned to their seats, I took the stage to tell the story of baby Lila and her family. As I spoke I felt those in the audience opening their hearts with loving kindness and the desire to be of service, and the power of Spirit surround us. I then brought the family on stage, and introduced them to the group, stating our intention was to focus the healing energy of the group on Lila and her parents. I instucted the group to chant the cosmic mantra OM and direct healing energy at the family with their hands and from their hearts. As this continued, we felt the energy in the room intensify; the presence of love was palbable. Virtually everyone was in tears - we were awed by the power of healing energy that was unleashed!


When the chanting was complete, I was inspired to ask the audience if they had any words to offer the family and hands were raised all over the room. One person shared that while we were OM-ing she had a vision of Lila running through a field, at about 5 years old. Another person had a vision of a teenage Lila asking her daddy for the car keys. Words of love and advice poured forth. Many had seen light enveloping Lila during the chanting. At the conclusion, the family appeared to be uplifted, unburdened and profoundly appreciative. They tearfully shared their gratefullness for this gift. In a room filled with light, love and tears of joy, they left the stage, taking a part of our hearts with them. We all had been transformed by this loving experience.


That night, the channel began with Kryon speaking of baby Lila, commenting on the strength of her Akash; this tiny infant that had brought together a room full of people (maybe the whole seminar!) for her healing and she ended up on the stage in the midst of many old souls pouring out love to her. It was a was grace. We are blessed. 


Lee told me that since we are now all connected to with new arrival to this world, we need to keep the light shining on her. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile~


Living in the Light of Spirit~ Amber & Sid

Dallas here we come! We are very excited for the KRYON event this weekend in Dallas. We look forward to more amazing miracles of energy! For more information click here: KRYON DALLAS 2012  Also, I need a volunteer (or 2) to help at my table for both days. Just email me if you'd like to join me! xo
We are excited to bring Dr. Todd Ovokaytis back to the Boulder Marriott for the 2 day Lemurian Choir Rehearsal. This is the pre-requesite to the Lemurian Choir Reunion of 12-21-2012 in Maui, Hawaii. You are welcome to attend only this event and bask in the energy of the Lemurian sounds. For more information and registration: About the Lemurian Choir, Kryon says, "Duplicate the ritual that was done 26,000 years ago, and create a 'pineal choir'...The old souls who remember this ritual will be there.Collect them from all over the planet. 
It will be a celebration like no other."
 Lemurian Sisterhood update~                                           
We are working a website and will announce it soon; meanwhile please join your Sisters in the group on Facebook on:
Lemurian Sisterhood. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of the Lemurian Sisterhood coming to Philly, Sedona, Atlanta and Indianapolis!



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the hotel restaurant waitstaff asks you, 'you want the'
Thank you again, dear ones for the blessings you bring to our lives through your healing. And for all your kindnesses. We are happily enjoying our new office and look forward to sharing the space with you! s a
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