Dear Patients, Family and Friends~ 

I went to an inspiring event today that I wanted to share with you; the funeral of James Baker-Jarvis. To me Jim was the father of Duff, one of my son Orion's friends since high school. I hardly  knew Jim, but wanted to represent my family (Orion is in CA at his dad's) and hold the energy of love in the midst of the sorrow that this family and friends were experiencing...and Jim was my age...too young to have life already over, which was very striking to me.

Jim was driving with his wife home from Boulder last Saturday, when a freak accident happened; a big branch, blown by the strong winds that day, went through their windshield and into Jim's chest. He managed to maneuver the car safely to the side of the rode, where he died in the arms of his wife, Karen. What is mystery this life is - there is nothing else that I can say. All this leaves me contemplating, but I'm not sure what, exactly. Certainly the impermanence of this thing called 'life'.

And since I wasn't close to Jim, it was beautiful to hear his family and friends relate anecdotes of how their lives had touched. I feel like I know him so much better now; isn't that ironic? And his passing also gave me the gift of really being in the moment, with 200 others who were also very present for Jim, his family and friends.

When the service ended, Jim's brother-in-law Robert, lead the group to the church for a reception; Robert was dressed in full Highland regalia and playing the pipes - from the front of the chapel, down the street 3 blocks to the church...200 people following the piper playing Amazing Grace, with the snow gently beginning to fall. I had chills, but not from the cold.

 Counting  our blessings,  Sid and Amber  

LEE CARROLL and KRYON in BOULDER, CO JAN. 14, 2012kryon
This will be the FIRST U.S. EVENT for Kryon in 2012! 
We are at the Boulder Marriott again this year and online registration is recommended to guarantee a seat. 
Yes, Dr. Todd is attending also!  More information is at: or call us at 303-774-9525 for info or questions. 


The other EXCITING event in the works is the Lemurian Choir Rehearsal

May 5,6 2012,  Boulder Marriott, with Dr. Todd Ovoaitys, hosted by Amber, organized by Rhonda Lynn (Lee's US and Canada organizer) and registration by our dear Rubi Hendricks. Stay tuned for details, and also check the  website: Lemurian Choir for updates and the whole enchilada of information about this life changing Hawaiian event, December 21, today, gone to Maui!


For those of you in CANADA - Coming right up is my visit to fair Vancouver,  Feb. 18-20. I'll be there with LEE CARROLL and KRYON for a two-day event, then staying over Monday  to give healing sessions. BTW I'm looking for a volunteer to help me at my table on Sat and Sun. Email me if you'd like to do this one or both days.
...and as if that weren't enough...stay tuned for the adventures of the Sisterhood of the NEW Lemuria...
Many Blessings,s a
Dr Sid and Dr Amber Wolf
as of 1/1/2012
610 Terry Street
Longmont, CO  80501 303-774-9525