Dear Patients, Family and Friends~

I was so happy to speak to Diane Young (Visions and Dreams), our host in Wilmington, NC, and Dennis Robecheau yesterday during what looked like the worst pounding the NC coast has taken in years. All is well there for friends and family, and feeling very washed clean!

Today I spent time calling friends up the coast (sister in CT, hosts in MA and NH) to check in. So far, so good, but lots of water! When I saw Wrightsville Beach pier getting beaten by the rolling waves, I felt blessed that I had been there and that no one was injured there by the storm.

The most difficult thing during the time of movement of this storm for me, was to watch the media's fear broadcasts; its one thing to be prepared in every way possible, it's another to be quaking from the dire predictions and hopelessness that is projected relentlessly.  In my next 'real' newsletter (this one is just for the Wilmington area folks) I'll be sending along an article called, Anxiety and the Soul of the reincarnationWorld...very interesting, citing the catastrophic events in Japan and how the people there are handling it.

Meanwhile, we had our own earth quake in southern Colorado; no damage, but another 'hello' from Gaia...a reminder that the energy of change is everywhere! Now is our oportunity to harness that energy and use it, instead of being used by it. Like riding the crest of a tsunami wave - hang on for the ride of a lifetime, or give into the fears and get crushed in the trough!


Let's keep Creating Most Benevolent and Loving Outcomes,

                      Sid and Amber  

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Are you ready for the changes that are already happening? Together, in the loving energy of Kryon, we will create a time that will transform these challenges into gifts!  With 'family'  from all over the world we come together to celebrate and transform lives in  the energy of Kryon. New and exciting presentations for everyone. More information is at: or call us at 303-774-9525 if you have any questions. We have special hotel rates the day before and day after the conference, so plan to stay and enjoy the beauty of the ocean, sand and links. (golf, that is :)




cymIf you haven't heard of Cymatics yet, let me be the first (neither had I). Jeff Volk, who is definitely 'family' connected with me personally in Andover, MA a couple of weeks ago. I'm excited to say that we are hosting Jeff and his presentation on Sept. 16, 7 pm ~ whenever. Visit the website and see the amazing photography that demonstrates the effects of sound and vibration on our health! Jeff is a poet, publisher and musician of our times :)



If you haven't been by to see, we have listed our office in Prospect for sale; this is exciting for us and we are looking forward to staying in Prospect (because we love it there!) and will be close by and easy to find. You'll get an invite to our 'office warming' party soon!


Many Blessings,s a
Dr Sid and Dr Amber Wolf
742A Tenacity Drive
Longmont, CO  80540 303-774-9525