Dear Patients, Family and Friends~ Wow, the power of prayer is so evident in the past two days of Sid's surgery and recovery! Yesterday at 7 am in Denver he had a one hour hip replacement procedure. Imagine; one hour! This is called the Minimally Invasive Anterior style; he has only a 3.5" cut on the top of his right thigh and was up and walking only 8 hours later! Today we walked around in circles in the halls of this beautiful facility...yes, I did really say that about a hospital, and tomorrow we go home.

So many, many thanks to all of you how emailed and called and sent all kinds of loving energy and light; we know that has been with him for days and especially today.sid

We all know that our dear Sid is in great physical shape, and we also know that he has been putting off this surgery for years. Now we'll never keep up with him! But it's not just who he is, it's who you ALL are sending your hearts and thoughts, and we thank you so much.

And my special thanks to Francie who took care of ME yesterday when I could have been feeling a little lost; you're a great sister!

I'll keep posting photos to Facebook, especially when its time for the first post-hip replacement kayaking adventure (smile). 

Let's keep Creating Most Benevolent and Loving Outcomes, in our deepest and humble gratitude , Sid and Amber  

**news flash for all past HOSTS OF LEE CARROLL & KRYON**
Please check the upcoming KRYON FAMILY BULLETIN for very $pecial host and group discount$ for DISCOVERY 2011


That would be in Jacksonville, FL, at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort, with 'family'  from all over the world who come together to celebrate and transform lives in  the energy of Kryon. New and exciting presentations for everyone. More information is at: or call us at 303-774-9525 if you have any questions. We have special hotel rates the day before and day after the conference, so plan to stay and enjoy the beauty of the ocean, sand and links. (golf, that is :)



If you haven't been by to see, we have listed our office in Prospect for sale; this is exciting for us and we are looking forward to staying in Prospect (because we love it there!) and will be close by and easy to find. You'll get an invite to our 'office warming' party soon!


Many Blessings,s a
Dr Sid and Dr Amber Wolf
742A Tenacity Drive
Longmont, CO  80540 303-774-9525