Dear Patients, Family and Friends~

We're post Summer Solstice, and enjoying the hot days and delicously long, clear Colorado evenings. I am reminded of the wise words of an acupuncturist in Boulder. During a session, I had  asked him about the wisdom of drinking lots of water. At the time the newest idea was to drink double the amount of your weight in ounces. Example: a person weighing 150 pounds would drink 300 oz. of water per day, or 2.343 gallons! Needless to say, I had an issue with that he addressed with this simple phrase: "I subscribe to the Zen Cowboy philosophy of when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty, and sleep when you're tired." That really hit home for me; so simple and practical. The only little detail missing was...could I listen to the little ques that told me when I'm hungry, thirsty or tired? Mostly I would eat, drink and sleep by the clock.  Yes, we all do and we stop listening to the real timing, and instead obey the tick of time schedules and other people's advice about eating and drinking (lots of water!).


So, I tried it this way: just for one day, eat only when you're hungry; listen and recieve the voice inside that is uniquely yours, that helps guide your body, mind and soul. Drink when you're thirsty, and let yourself rest when you are tired. Just for one day. You may have to plan a day at home when you can focus more internally. Or you may want to start with just an steps.  When you begin to have a dialogue with the 'inner you' there's no telling what else will open in your life! 


Creating your Most Benevolent and Loving Outcomes , Sid and Amber 

HOUSE CONCERT - July 2 from 6 pm

Yep! Another famous House Concert with Scott Wolf! Scott has just been graduated with his noteDoctorate and we are so proud! To showcase his amazing talent we're having a party! This year KATHERINE DUNKLAU, friend and patient, will be Scott's host. She lives 'across the street' from our office. Her address is 813 Tempted Ways;here's her number for your RSVP, or questions or directions: 303-682-0010. Please bring an appetizer to share and a $10 contribution for the artist. Beverages of all kinds will be provided by our lovely host.



In preparation for our weekend workshop (July 2-3) in Sacramento with KRYON and Lee Carroll,  I will be on two radio programs: June 29, 11-12 (MST) on www.  where I will be interviewed by Rev. Kevin Ross on National Unity radio hour called "Designing Your Life", heard in 121 countries. You can call in at 1.888.55.UNITY. On June 30 from 12-1 pm (MST) on Sacramento Public Radio The call in number is 1.347.633.9155.



That would be in Jacksonville, FL, at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort, with 'family'  from all over the world who come together to celebrate and transform lives in  the energy of Kryon. New and exciting presentations for everyone. More information is at: or call us at 303-774-9525 if you have any questions. We have special hotel rates the day before and day after the conference, so plan to stay and enjoy the beauty of the ocean, sand and links. (golf, that is :)



If you haven't been by to see, we have listed our office in Prospect for sale; this is exciting for us and we are looking forward to staying in Prospect (because we love it there!) and will be close by and easy to find. You'll get an invite to our 'office warming' party soon!




Many Blessings,s a
Dr Sid and Dr Amber Wolf
742A Tenacity Drive
Longmont, CO  80540 303-774-9525