Dear Patients, Family and Friends~

I know Spring is out there somewhere! But, after having snow Friday and Saturday I'm beginning to wonder. I'd like to put the hummingbird feeder out before we leave for Argentina (May 3-24), but don't want it to freeze...can sugar water freeze?


The effects of stress are the highest cause for dis-ease and premature aging measurable.As we all experience the changes in weather and earth energy, it can be challenging to keep balanced in our body/mind. There can be no better time for a regular spiritual practice, and for the important 'physical' practices, such as outdoor exercise, healthy diet, supplements...generally lowering the impact of stress on our Beings.


This morning I'm linking you to this very thought provoking article by Marcelle Pick, OB-GYN, about the simple ways OUT of fatigue and adrenal overload; Tired and Wired? I am learning to stretch the belief systems around aging, starting with the effects of stress. Thanks to information like this I'm dedicated to enjoying my very good healthy, post menopausal, hormone free years,  and lowering my SEQ (Stress Effect Quotient) along the way! Here's to your continuing good health and...


Creating your Most Benevolent and Loving Outcomes , Sid and Amber 


We have listed our office in Prospect for sale; this is exciting for us and we are looking forward to staying in Prospect (because we love it there!) and will be close by and easy to find. You'll get an invite to our 'office warming' party soon!



A week after we retun from Argentina, we'll be heading for Sedona, AZ for the KRYON SUMMER LIGHT CONFERENCE, June 10, 11, 12.  We will be seeing patients at the venue and after, for a limited number of appointments. Thank you in advance, Katherine Dunklau, our amazing volunteer for this and past events! You can email or call our office 303-774-9525 for appointments. It has been our experience that we are the only people offering 'Healing with the Kryon Energy' and our times fill up fast. Looking forward to seeing you there!


LOVE WASH/BRAIN WASH In other things unfolding: I have always been an ardent believer in affirmations, intentions and starting my day with gratitude. To that continuing input of ways to keep my 'brain washed' with uplifting ideas and feelings, I am creating a Daily Love Wash subscription. Here's how it will work: your email will be added to the Love Wash subscription base from this newsletter, and of course, you may use your daily Love Wash as an opening page; a perfect way to start your day! As always, you may forward the Love Wash to a friend, or you may unsubscribe at any time, again, separate from this newsletter. Here's are a couple of samples of what you will receive: Today, I breathe in creation, and breathe out surrender. or Today, all higher-self communication begins in my own heart, or Remembering that Love is my first choice, I will speak, feel and heal through my heart today.  It is my prayer that sharing these simple but profound thoughts with you each day will help you create your own Self Love Wash~*~*~*~* Link coming in next newsletter ~*~*Amber

Many Blessings,s a
Dr Sid and Dr Amber Wolf
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