Dear Patients, Family and Friends~

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Today, I am writing to let our Arizona family know that Sid and I will be visiting there from March 17-23. We are excited to headed back to our winter haven and all of you! Thank you for making us feel so welcome during our visit in January when we were there with Lee Carroll at the beautiful Unity Church.

We are planning to have a day (or two) of healing sessions with patients on Sunday, March 20. If you are interested, please email us ( or call our office 303-774-9525 for an appointment time. We realize that one day may be limited for some of you, and we are willing to open up more time as necessary.


Looking forward to seeing you all again and spending time in the beautiful Catalina Mountains!


May the Most Benovelent and Loving Outcomes be yours, Sid and Amber 

As we near Daylight Savings, I am beginning to feel the re-balance of dark and light, and am interestingly amazed at how strongly this effects me; how differently I behave during the 'hibernation' months. When the days get shorter in the Fall, my Inner Bear wants to eat heavy foods, sleep more and move less. Do I get grumpy as an old bear when this doesn't happen? You'd have to ask those around me...I won't tell (smile). I do know that the best thing I can do for myself during the dark (er) times is seek balance.


Balance is imperative and illusive at the same time; how can this be? Thinking about how to be more balanced will move me in that direction; it starts like a whisper. The next step is asking, 'how can I be more in balance?' This usually starts by taking a deep breath...right now...try it. Then asking, 'how can I love myself more...right now?' That might be only breathing more fully, but chances are it also will mean getting something off my schedule that will give me more time (to breathe!), or doing something that's been hanging around my schedule, procrastination being the worst enemy of balance.

When balance begins to elude us, physical symptoms call also pile up. There can be symptoms of adrenal fatigue which can come on a little at a time and build up until they really get our attention. This link (on my blog) can tell you more of what to look for symptomatically and practical information for healing.



This is always a good time to mention again the Balanced Breathing Exercise; here's the link (to our website) in case you need a reminder: Balanced Breathing. Just once a day, every day, 2 minutes. Not too much to invest for a choice to return to balance!

Many Blessings,s a
Dr Sid and Dr Amber Wolf
742A Tenacity Drive
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