Dear Patients, Family and Friends~


A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I love the feelings of new beginnings that comes when the calendar flips. I try to spend time on New Years Day introspectively, getting a big picture of the year ahead. After a year of travelling all over the States with Lee Carroll, and Sid and I returning to South America (for the 3rd time), our calendar has stuff on it all the way through Jan. 2012! Its exicting, and also an added challenge to get the most out of each moment right NOW.


One of my New Year's Revolutions is the updating and revamping of this newsletter; its something that I've been meditating about for sometime...that's why you haven't heard from me.


Here's what I'm planning thus far: the NEW newsletter (Health and Inspriations) will be streamlined; it will be a coming to you with health tips and inspirational writing. Our travels, photos and other musings will move to my blog-site, which will be a click way from the newsletter. I'm also trying to get a very simple format that allows for quick downloading. Let's see how it goes. I would love your feedback, as these things tend to morph as I do...and hopefully as you do, also!


May 2011 be full of Most Benevolent Outcomes for you! Sid & Amber


kryon logoWe are thrilled to be hosting LEE CARROLL/KRYON at the Boulder Marriott, Jan. 16 from 1 pm-6:30. we've had an incredible registration response so far, and of course, there is still space left for you! LEE will have his new book, "The Twelve Layers of DNA" available for purchase and autographing. For all the days details including online registration, click this link to the Kryon site:



Don't think that we don't know how to have fun! No, this isn't New Year's Eve; this pix comes from the Kryon Discovery event in Santiago, Chile in Oct 2010. We had an amazing time facilitating the growth and healing of 200 people from all over the world. This lovely photo of Sid is from the 'wrap' party; our final honoring of all our participants. Then we spent 3 weeks working and touring in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay; what an amazing trip!

Each time we visit South America we come away with the feelings of connection to family who always welcome and honor us in their world. Though there is still the spoken language barrier, the bond of love runs deeper. We feel blessed to be able to share the healing energy with so many kindred souls. (and the food and the wine and the beautiful cities and country sides and fabulous hosts, thank you so much!) Para nuestros amigos maravillosos en el Sur: muchas gracias por todo y mucho amor para todos ustedes. Mirando hacia adelante a estar con ustedes muy pronto!  Muchos besos y abrazos, Sid y Ambar

Many Blessings,
Dr Sid and Dr Amber Wolf
742A Tenacity Drive
Longmont, CO  80540 303-774-9525