Dear Patients, Family & Friends~  
OK, so we've been to Vegas twice in 6 months after not being there...ever or at least only driving through. What's that about? What we found this time (besides scorching heat!) is a community of very wonderful folks doing the 'good work' of spreading healing light. That's Steve and Barbara Rother of
Lightworker.com and all their friends and family that put together the web broadcast . Now, happily, the show is up on youtube and here's the link to our portion on Virtual Light Broadcast. Remember to let it buffer for about 25 mins.
Its always interesting to see myself on video and wish I had said something more fascinating or poignants/a; however, connecting with the community there and being pretty pleased with our little Q & A, I'm not being my worst critic for a change.
And BTW, the Strip at midnight on Saturday night wat teeming with people. Well, what else to do when its too hot (105) during the day, but to go out at midnight and channell your Inner Elton John?!
Blessings, Sid & Amber                                      
 Coming Right Up~
For those of you registered for the the Movement Workshop this Saturday at Solar Yoga's Lunar Yoga room in Prospect. Check in starts at 9:30, workshop starts at 10, goes til 3. Please bring a yoga mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle. We will break for lunch at 12:30. You can bring a lunch or grab a bite in one of Prospect's eateries. And yes, I did say 'we'...my trip to Chicago with Lee Carroll was postponed until July 23, so I'll be facilitating with Sid. See you then!
Being in nature has always been my way of reconnecting to my soul and quieting my inner chatter. Now that we've become kayakers there's a bigger water element added. I can find my peace on the shore, or bobbing around in the middle by myself or 'rafted' together with other boats.  kath & ElsaHere is Elsa and her person Katherine enjoying the day on Barr Lake. The local lakes have been topped off through mid-July which is a blessing to us water babies! 
So it's sunscreen, Sangria and bug spray; holler when you'd like to join us; we also teach beginning kayaking :) Sid's first season was after his 70th birthday...its never too late or too soon to find your peaceful place.
It's wonderful to have my own private webmaster, Orion, at my beck and call to keep our new site updated and interesting. It's still www.phoenixhealingcenter.com if you haven't had the chance to visit    yet; enjoy!
Enjoy the beauty of a GREEN Colorado summer, and as always, renew your committment to
your health and well-being.  
Many Blessings,  
Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf                                          
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