Phoenix Healing CenterJune 2010
s/aDear Patients, Family & Friends~  
I'm always amazed by how we can be inspired, and this little lady did it
for me early one morning. She is, for me, where the expression 'a hoot'
came from. So, take a minute and let your laughter roll with Jessica,
the little Affrimation Goddess,  you'll be so glad you did!
Blessings~ Sid & Amber
 What's been happening around here....
Busy, busy, as usual! After our May 8th workshop, was Mother's Day, then my birthday day, then our trip to Mount Rushmore, Custer National Park and the Crazy Horse Monument. That was amazing! I've been wanting to see these places for years, and was so glad to have had the experience! The cool thing about Rushmore is that you can walk right up to the bottom of it; get really close.
mt rYes this is a soda machine that has the Rushmore heads on it; really! All the bathrooms had them. Later we spent an exciting 2 hours in the basement of Custer National Park visitor center with a bus load of 5th graders, during a tornado watch! 
Inspiring Crazy Horse Monument
Factoid: all of the Mt. Rushmore heads would fit inside the just head of Crazy Horse. His arm will  be extended out in front. Where the hole is would fit a 10 story building. You can just see the outline of his horse's head in the lower right.
Then there's VEGAS, baby (again!) Yes, on the weekend of June 26, we'll be in Vegas appearing on the live broadcast. This is our first and we're so excited to see Steve and Barbara Rother again! Check the link Virtual Light Broadcast for the juciy detals and access to lots of recorded guests. We'll be posting our portion of the broadcast on our website.
mAnd for our next number...Maxtix Energetics! If you check out the website, you're libel to see us dancing out the kinks from days in a hotel conference center. This seminar was truly a healing experience in many ways; professionally, we have added to our intuitive and transformational skills, and personally, we experienced a level of healing energy that was a gift of grace. We look forward to expanding 'the Matrix' as we learn more and share the energy.
And mark your calendars: July 10, a Healing Movement workshop by Dr. Sid, 10-2, $75 in Lyons. As Sid says, these are the healing and transformational energy movements that he didn't have time to share at our May 8 workshop and are things he practices every day...if you've ever wondered how he stays so young, this is it!
If you haven't been to our new website please check it out! Its been a long time in the making, but we hope it will be more serviceful and user friendly. Of course, all the fancy graphics take longer to load, but its worth it, we think!
Enjoy the beauty of a GREEN Colorado summer, and as always, renew your committment to
your health and well-being.  
Many Blessings,  
Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf                                          
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