Phoenix Healing CenterApril 2010
Dear Patients, Family & Friends~  
I just returned from my first foray into the world of Lee Carroll's regular schedule; wow! We were in Phildelphia for a weekend of teaching, and Kryon channelings... what a beautiful and welcoming family; hosts, volunteers and participants, thank you!
As I prepare for this weekend with Lee (in Calagary, Alberta) I marvel at the energy it takes (both of us, but especially him) to keep up his schedule on a regular basis. I can  only assume that the energy it takes is what we are given; this is a Divine mission, not a job. Though not unlike teaching 5th grade for 20 years, you have to really be inspired to do it over and over and have a positive effect on your audience...and that is why they come; some from around the world. As we teach, I feel that inspiration flowing through and see the eager faces soaking it up, and feel extremely grateful for this opportunity.
So, I will come fresh off the circuit (a weekend in Mt. Shasta, CA with Lee) to our Transformational Healing Workshop, May 8th here in Longmont. I may not arrive with a flaming sword (smile), but I will have a big dose of the energy of transformation with me and a specially recorded channel from Lee for this workshop. I hope many of you that can will join us!
And, as a special request from Sid and I, please register early. Since we are having a (delicious) meal, we need numbers for the caterer by May 1. I am very much looking forward to the weeks ahead, and Sid and I are excited about being with you on May 8.   
~ Sid & Amber
 Immersed in the energy of Kryon
Presented by: 
Dr. Sid Wolf and Dr. Amber Wolf 
with an exclusive recorded Kryon channel
by Lee Carroll* for this event only
Join Dr. Sid Wolf & Dr. Amber Wolf for the first "Kryon inspired" event of this kind. This is a day of self-discovery,  learning techniques for living authentically, deepening your connection to Spirit and moving towards Self-Mastery; all intensified by the energy and of Kryon.


May 8, 2010   9:30-5:30  Radisson Hotel, Longmont 

 $125 includes lunch
**Register by May 1st (or pay $140 after, cc only)**

To understand and profit from the current times of upheaval we need guidance,

 mutual support and community, spiritual direction and methods
  for living consciously.   This event is designed for re-vitalization and renewal. 


*Lee will not be physically present                        
Call 303-774-9525 to register
Do you ever feel a sense of fear, panic or disappointment in your life ? (Hmmm, that's a bit like asking you, "Is your heart beating? Are you breathing?") That's the perfect opportunity to use one of my favorite transformational tools: Radical Forgiveness, developed by renowned author, speaker and teacher Colin Tipping. Radical Forgiveness is based on a number of assumptions I wholeheartedly subscribe to, including:
*We are each connected to Divine source energy. As such, we are infinitely resourceful.
*Pain comes from forgetting that we are the essence of source energy at our core, and believing we're separate instead.
butterfly*Every pain we experience is here to remind us to wake up and remember the true nature of our divinity.
*We are the creator of all our experiences. And we invited the people who helped us create those experiences into our lives ~ even if we forgot when or how. In playing that role, those people are actually giving us a gift with their actions.
Does any of this ring a bell for you? Then consider trying your hand at Radical Forgiveness next time you feel the tell-tale sting of anger, shame, fear or resentment.
If you haven't seen this yet, our thanks to Excel Energy for bringing us the miracle of the Bald Eagles babies through the magic of webcams  I've been watching this nest since they were eggs! The babies (2) are darker color now and not as easy to see, but worth the watch...enjoy.
A great opportunity, please pass this on. We have an opening in our office in Prospect, for a holistic health practitioner on a part time basis. The rent is very reasonable and the company is great! If you are looking for a space in or if you know someone who might be a valued addition to our family of healers, please forward this email. Interested folks please call our office number for details, 303-774-9525. I'm personally looking forward to what surprises unfold here~ A
Enjoy the renewing Spring weather and make a new committment to your health and well-being.  
Many Blessings,
Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf                                          
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