Phoenix Healing Center April 2010
Dear Patients, Family & Friends~  
We all ask for things, routinely. We ask for ourselves, our families and friends, and for our planet. And isn't it amazing that we can actually 'receive' sometimes? As healthcare practitioners we ask of our patients, but we also ask for our patients, of the Divine (or the Universe or God, however you see it) for special favors. We ask that they receive, if it is for their highest benefit, whatever gifts will bring them to the next level of healing and closer to their potential.
Funny thing happened yesterday. A patient called to reschedule an appointment because of family obligations. In our minds, she was getting close to a breakthrough on more than the physical level. She rescheduled for a week out. When the call ended, I said a little prayer; 'if it is in the best interest of this person right now, please let the path open for their healing'. Well, in about 2 minutes the phone rang again. She had worked out that day's obligations with other family members to give herself the time she needed that day for her appointment. I smiled. Coincidence? I think not.
It isn't always easy to be on the healing path; and it isn't always easy to ask for help. But this small example reminded me that prayers are always heard, and sometimes with amazing timing!
May all the joys of your path unfold with many blessings ~ Sid & Amber
    SPRING FORWARD (Upcoming Events)                                                                 
Join us at the Phoenix Healing Center
 this Saturday for a gallery showing of

Lorrie Caplan's Abstract Acrylic and Watercolor Art.  Come face with your own magnificence! With unprecedented intuition and light, she recognizes, reveals and magnifies the glory of texture, deminsion and infinity.  She paints with passion and compassion of the Divine Feminine and unabashedly expresses from her heart to heal, enrich and uplift.

Lorrie Caplan's Art reaches thousands
with empowering brilliant colors and 
etheral  messages. Her  infectious playfulness, whimsy and
    enormous courage, team together
to transform lives through abstract visions
Drop by this Saturday, April 3, 2010  from 12-4  



Enjoy healing therapies at the Longmont Taste of Wellness on APRIL 10 from 9-3. We have been participating at this gathering for 12 years! Pay  $5 for a 15 minute 'sampler' of healing from many gifted local practitioners. At Roosevelt Memorial Building, 500 Longs Peak Ave., Longmont. Live music, delicious Greek food! This is the last Taste of Therapy Fair until September. 
 Immersed in the energy of Kryon
May 8, 2010   9:30-5:30  Radisson Hotel, Longmont  $125 includes lunch
Presented by Dr. Sid Wolf and Dr. Amber Wolf
 Kryon Facilitators with an exclusive recorded Kryon channel
by LEE CARROLL* for this day only

Join Dr. Sid Wolf & Dr. Amber Wolf for the first "Kryon inspired"

 event of this kind. This is a day of self- discovery, learning techniques for

          living authentically, deepening your connection to Spirit and moving towards 
                              Self-Mastery; all intensified by the energy and of Kryon.


To understand and profit from the current times of upheaval we need guidance, mutual support and community, spiritual direction and methods for living consciously.

                  This event is designed for that re-vitalization and sarenewal.
 *Lee will not be physically present   
Register with Dr. Sid or Dr. Amber 
A great opportunity, please pass this on. We have an opening in our office in Prospect, for a holistic health practitioner on a part time basis. The rent is very reasonable and the company is great! If you are looking for a space in or if you know someone who might be a valued addition to our family of healers, please forward this email. Interested folks please call our office number for details, 303-774-9525. I'm personally looking forward to what surprises unfold here~ A
Thanks to all of you for touching our lives in so many ways. I hope we tell you often enough how honored we our by your committment to healing.  
Many Blessings,
Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf
742A Tenacity Drive
Longmont, Colorado 80504
Phoenix Healing Center
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