Phoenix Healing Center January 2010
Dear Family, Friends and Patients~
We had a wonderful gathering last Sunday with Lee Carroll and Kryon. It was a perfect opportunity to come together as Our thanks to all of you whose presence made the event so full and exciting!
Amazingly, January is almost over; our first month of 2010 is practically gone. Many things will be taking shape for this year for all of us, as these months unfold. At the Phoenix Healing Center I am hard at work with my compatriot web designers completely updating our website, and also working with Leni Chekas on the first of at least 2 of our 'paper' publications; she's an editor and writer who is my 'stimulous' and the perfect person to keep me on track.
We are also planning for our Discovery event in the Canary Islands in Sept. and another Discovery event in Santiago, Chile in Oct. Is it too soon to talk about this? Nope; January is almost over and the rest of the year will fly!
So we celebrate the NOW and look forward to every moment unfolding! In the meantime, may love and light continue to fill your lives and thank you for the opportunity to share that with you.  Sid & Amber
The latest source of biofuel could be watermelons! Scientists have discovered that the fruit is a great source of sugar that can be readily distilled into alcohol to power cars and farm machinery. And because retailers rejects 360,000 tons of "substandard" fruit annually in America alone they could be used as an economical way to make fuel. (Reuters)
He couldn't get over the fact that so much soap was wasted every day in hotels across wealthy America, so now Derreck Kayongo's basement is lined with huge boxes filled with bars of soap that will help fight the spread of child diseases in Africa. All the local Atlanta hotels are contributing and thrilled with his Global Soap Project, which melts them down, sterilizes them and reshapes them before sending them to refugees back in his homeland of Uganda. (Associated Press)


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kryon Jan 31, 1-5 pm at the Phoenix Center. Cost is $65 prepaid or $77 at the door. We appreciation your early regististration.  
Taste of Wellness
Enjoy healing therapies at the Longmont Taste of Wellness on February 13 and March 13 for 10-1 pm. We have been participating at this gathering for 12 years! You pay on $5 for a 15 minute 'sampler' of healing from many gifted local practitioners. In the Izaak Walton Building on Sunset St., the doors open at 9:30. Plan to spend the time with great healers!
Take some time to peruse this delightful website and enjoy the length and breadth
of all it has to offer. 
Thanks to all of you for touching our lives in so many ways. I hope we tell you often enough how honored we our by your committment to healing.  
Many Blessings,
Dr. Sid and Dr. Amber Wolf
742A Tenacity Drive
Longmont, Colorado 80504
Phoenix Healing Center
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